August 17, 2014

Sunday Currently : 63

You know that feeling when you've been spinning around and around in circles, and you get that sensation of still moving afterwards, even though your feet are planted firmly on the ground? That's what I'm feeling right now. The past few weeks-- really the past few months-- have been filled with so many things, going from one transition to the next, each ending overlapping with another task that must be started, that I have not had a moment to truly catch my breath. It would have been so nice to have just one more week in DC, just one week to rest, to say goodbye, to slow down before packing up and moving. But that week wasn't possible to have, and so here I am, tired, bewildered, and in Michigan. 

It's real now. I have an apartment, my boxes are unpacked, and soon these little corners and nooks will become familiar to me. But right now, it's all new, and there is so much that will continue to be new, most of which has not even happened yet, like the new job that begins tomorrow and the new colleagues I have not yet met. It's strange, a bit sad, to think of embarking on this adventure without the hubs here with me. It's a little lonely, though I know it won't always be. The hubs just left this morning, after all, and he'll be back in a month. But I suppose that's the way it will have to feel for now--bittersweet, thrilling, and lonely. 


reading : The Secret Circle: The Divide, up until just a moment ago, when I finished it. I have requested the final two books in this arc (not written by the original author, which is a bummer) from the Michigan library system, but I have no idea when they will be delivered...hopefully soon!

writing : A couple of posts, as well as lots of lists for groceries and little tasks that must be done. Moving seems to involve never-ending errands. 

listening :  To the new sounds of Sunday quiet at my new apartment. There are highway sounds in the distance, but also more pleasant hummings of chirping birds and soft rain. It's still around these parts, and with one less cat and one less husband, I'll have to get used to my new lifestyle. 

thinking :  About what this next year will be like. I feel as though my life in DC ended so quickly and in such a whirlwind that I didn't have any time to process that it was actually happening. Now I'm here in Ann Arbor, and I'm hitting the ground running, with no time at all to sink in and laze about. I hope it will be good. I think it will.

smelling :  Dampness from this morning's rain. Alas, I can finally start to breathe again!

wishing :  For a good first week at work. For goodness. For certainty that this is the right place to be. 

hoping :  That this madness with Comcast will finally end tomorrow and that my internet will be properly connected. My interactions with them this past week have all been horrendous, and I cannot wait to hopefully be done with them soon!! Also hoping that my mattress is delivered  soon today...

wearing :   Gym shorts and a t-shirt, as I tend to do on Sundays. 

loving :  The hubs for being so supportive, kind, and patient. I feel so lucky to have him in my life.

wanting :  To settle in and get to know my new home. I'm looking forward to the day when bus routes become second-nature and when street signs are actually recognizable. 

needing :  To just be and accept that everything will work out in its own time. 

feeling :   Nervous, sad, and excited. 

clicking :   On various books that I want to read and request from my local library. I've been having lots of fun getting connected to the library system now that I actually have time to read for pleasure!


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