About the Chica

quix•ot•ic   adjective   \kwik-'sä-tik\
:foolishly impractical especially in the pursuit of ideals; especially marked by rash lofty romantic action

Hello, friends! I'm Sarah, aka the Quixotic Chica. I'm a twenty-something living in Washington, DC with my cutie-patootie husband and our slightly deranged yet lovable cats. I'm not a native Washingtonian, but I love this city and all of the possibilities that it offers.

Truthfully, I'm a pretty rational, grounded person who likes making lists and color-coding my day planner, but, as my blog name suggests, I am also prone to flights of whimsy and love to daydream. Daydreams are just too much fun not to have!

The Quixotic Chica is my blog about figuring out how to balance my romantic notions of what it means to be an adult with that pesky little thing known as reality. It's also a way to be a bit creative, sort out some thoughts, and track my adventures.

Thank you for visiting my little corner of the internet! I hope that you'll stick around to share my adventures. :)