July 28, 2013

Sunday Currently : 29

There are so many different emotions and thoughts running through my mind right now. This Sunday marks a big ending in my life, as it is the last time I will be in my childhood home. My parents are moving this week, and as it turns out, saying goodbye to the home I grew up in has been exceptionally difficult. It's not something I've written about much in this space, and while I will eventually share what this has all been like, for now I'm going to try to focus on the good, like the calming sound of the waves at the beach and the comfort of the crook of a worn-in couch. Endings can also mean beginnings, and there's some hope in that, even it means grieving a loss along the way.

reading : Linger, a YA werewolf novel. I finally finished Catch-22 and even managed to read two Pretty Little Liars books this week, so I am officially back in the swing of reading. I haven't decided what my next books from the 100 Best Novels list will be, but I'll pick one soon. 

writing :  Some scheduled posts for the next couple of weeks. I'm especially excited for tomorrow's post, which features the gardening work the hubs and I have been doing, as well as a very special video treat. :) 

listening :  To a neighbor mow the lawn. Oh, the sounds of Sundays in suburbia. Lawn mowers, dogs barking, and birds chirping. 

thinking :  About too much. Every step of this house carries a dozen memories, and they've all been flooding my mind and making me very nostalgic for all the stories our house has held. 

smelling :   A hint of fall mixed in with summer. It's cool this morning, and wind is carrying in the scent of wet leaves and grass through the open window. 

wishing :  For a time machine so that I can relive my childhood. :) (Which, coincidentally, fits in very well with this Tuesday's post!)

hoping :   That the hubs and I don't hit traffic on our drive back to DC this evening. We probably will, but still... a girl can dream. 

wearing :   Mesh shorts and a t-shirt, both of which are covered in dust and grime from my little adventure earlier digging around our crawlspace attic. I wanted to say goodbye to all of the hidden corners of the house, and I had a feeling there were still some long-forgotten treasures up in the crawlspace. They were indeed propped up there, nestled on the beams and pink insulation, waiting patiently to be found again. Success.

loving :  This house! I can't say it enough. This was a lovely place to grow up, and it has always felt like home even after I graduated from college and moved out on my own. It has always been familiar and warm and peaceful. 

wanting :  To head down to the water in a little bit to chase seagulls on the docks. The water is good for satisfying feelings of nostalgia and longing, don't you think? I'm all about the romance of the ocean these days. 

needing :   To wash off the dust and cobwebs from my attic adventure. 

feeling :   Nostalgic, sad, upset, bittersweet, and so on. Sigh. 

clicking :   On not much at the moment, though I do need to catch up on blogs from last week. I'll be clicking around the Sunday Currently link-up on the drive back this evening! :)

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