June 29, 2014

Sunday Currently : 59

Well, folks, this is it. In two days, I will be defending my doctoral dissertation, and my graduate school career will be essentially complete. I'm nervous, but at this point, I feel ready. Although this is definitely one of the most important milestones I have reached, it also seems like there has been so much else going on (World Cup, projects at work, friend and family festivities like weddings and bridal showers) that it's hard to believe this moment is here already. How did that happen?

It's fitting that today fits that pattern. I will be running through my defense presentation a few more times today to get my timing down, but I'll also be running errands with the hubs, watching the World Cup, cleaning the house.... the rest of the world doesn't stop, and I've enjoyed having multiple activities to fill my days. Just two more days until the big one!

reading : The Old Man and the Sea. I finished my Allende book on Friday (it was so good!!!) and decided to give this Hemingway classic another try. My plan is to zip through it later this week before we head off for a beautiful week of vacation!

writing :  E-mails trying to confirm plans for next weekend. The hubs and I will be passing through NYC, and though I make an effort to see my friends when I'm there, it's hard when people have fled the city for the holiday. The good news is that I think I will get some quality beach time with my darling hometown friends. :)

listening :  To the hubs rustling around the kitchen and the birds chirping outside. It feels like we haven't had a lazy Sunday morning together in a while, and this one feels pretty nice. 

thinking :  About Tuesday and how I would like it to go. Rather than entertain worst-case-scenarios, it's so much more helpful to envision myself rocking my defense!

smelling :   The lingering scent of scrambled eggs. Weekend breakfasts tend to involve a break from our weekday routine, which used to be cereal but lately has been protein shakes or oatmeal. 

wishing :   That yesterday's Chile v. Brazil game had not come down to penalty kicks... and that Chile had walked away victorious. Truthfully, I'm still a bit heartbroken over it (part of my family is Chilean), and I felt absolutely devastated yesterday, but I'm trying to refocus on the next potential victory: USA v. Belgium on Tuesday!

hoping :   That my dissertation defense doesn't feel too grueling and that I actually enjoy it!

wearing :  A pair of soccer shorts that are on permanent loan from the hubs and my blue yoga tank top-- this is quickly becoming my weekend morning uniform.

loving :  My family. :)

wanting :  My marigolds to be revived. I think that the heat has been too much for them, and I should probably be more consistent with watering them. 

needing :   To run through my defense presentation a couple more times with a captive audience today: the hubs and the cats.

feeling :  Eager for Tuesday! Ahhh!!!

clicking :  On a Washington Post article about xenophobic soccer-haters. I embrace U.S.American soccer culture, especially during the World Cup!! In addition to the sport just being crazy fun, it feels special to have an opportunity to cheer on our country for something other than the Olympics. Go USA!


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