December 31, 2012

New Year's Resolutions

Happy New Year! It's been a while since I've celebrated New Year's Eve, as my friends and I have gotten lazy in the last couple of years, and nobody has wanted or had the space to host a raucous party. This year will be another quiet one, but the hubs and I will be making dinner, pouring champagne, and ringing in the new year together. It might not be raucous, but it will be fun, and I think it fits us pretty well.

Champagne is a must for any New Year's celebration!

When it comes to resolutions, I go back and forth with thinking that they're either kind of dumb, empty promises or that they're a way to kick your butt into gear. This year I'm going with the latter. Sure, it might be kind of arbitrary to say that starting on Tuesday, you will exercise more, spend less, and finally do that DIY project, but at least it's something. Having goals for the future is a good thing, and if we need the passing of a calendar year to signify that we get a new chance to accomplish something, then that's okay.

For me, setting resolutions means that I need to think about what the coming year will bring (or what I hope it brings) and how I can contribute to making it meaningful and fulfilling. 2012 was definitely a good year for me, mostly because I got married, but 2013 will bring lots of other exciting moments. The hubs will be starting a new graduate program, I'll be starting my clinical internship, and that might require a move for the both of us. I'd love to travel more, which can be hard on a student budget, but I'd like to take that into account. There are so many possibilities for this next year!

So with all of that in mind, here are my New Year's Resolutions for 2013:

1. Complete Project DC.
Since I might be leaving DC over the summer, I'd like my remaining months here to be filled with fun moments. I don't want to leave feeling as though I didn't appreciate it enough. Even if I end up staying in DC or if I move back after a year, I'd like to work through my list before the summer ends.

2. Run a 5K race.
This requires me to get off the couch more often and work up my endurance. I know 5K isn't a very long distance, and I could probably do it now if I needed to, but being part of a race is something I've never done before, and I would love the experience.

3. Cook something from every cookbook we own.
The past few months, the hubs and I have been making an effort to cook more. It's being going really well, but I'd love to expand on my culinary skills and diversify our meals a bit more this year.

4. Read more good books.
My 100 Best Novels project is an effort to read more quality literature in my leisure time. Realistically, I won't make it through that list by the end of the year, but that's okay. I just want to put a reasonable dent in it.

5. Travel more.
This one is a little bit of a cop-out, but I'm putting it on here, anyway. The hubs and I will be taking our honeymoon in May, so that definitely counts. I'm also traveling to a few new cities stateside for interviews, and I'm trying to take the time to explore them while I'm there. Aside from those, though, I'd really like to check out some new places. If international travel isn't in our budget, then I'd at least like to visit interesting places that are closer to home yet new to us.

And those are my 2013 resolutions! What made it onto your list this year?