December 14, 2012

The time I entered the Cherry Blossom race (lottery)

Sooo those who have known me for a while know that despite my participation in middle school and high school field hockey (and track and lacrosse for a brief time), I am not a particularly athletic individual. I'm pretty sure that my field hockey career confused my parents, but they supported me, anyway. In college, I didn't do any sports and had to be seriously persuaded by my ultra-athletic roommate and best friend to walk across campus to go to the gym. These days, even the 15-minute walk to my yoga studio seems too hard. (It's cold outside!)

Before I got married this past fall, I was semi-good about going to the gym about once or twice a week on average. In the past year I've transitioned from being a strictly elliptical girl to braving the treadmill. I now love the treadmill, though I realize it's a cop-out to those who are serious runners who take to the streets for their runs. Every now and again the hubs convinces me to run outside with him, but since our neighborhood has lots of hills, I usually end up feeling miserable, out-of-shape, and exhausted, vowing never to do it again. So the treadmill it was, at a steady, leisurely jog.

However, I took about a two-month hiatus after the wedding and just recently stepped back into the gym. My quads were not amused by the sudden increase in physical activity, but as I bounced around on my favorite treadmill, I realized that I really do enjoy the sensation of being active. It feels good, and it makes me feel productive. There's no good reason not to keep it up.

So in a fit of inspiration, I decided to enter the lottery for the Cherry Blossom 5K in DC. The 10-Miler is the big deal that thousands of runners participate in, but since I am definitely not in good enough shape to attempt that run, I'm sticking with the 5K. We find out in about a week if we were accepted, and I'm really hoping that we are! I know that a 5K isn't a big deal, but I've never done one before for an organized race, and I think it would be fun. Even if we don't make the cut, I'm determined to find another race in the area. I can do this!

Has anyone ever run in a race before? Any good ones in the DC area that I should keep an eye out for?