December 28, 2012

Welcome to Miami

The past couple of weeks have been a whirlwind of travel for me. I’ve bounced around between New York, DC, and Miami for interviews and for the holidays, and while I had a great time, I have to admit that it can get pretty tiring! I’m the type of gal who misses her own bed after a while, so I was really happy to get back home and snuggle with the hubs and our cat. Home can be so relaxing.

Still, it was great to see friends and family along the way. Miami was a new city for me to explore, and it felt great to walk around in sandals and shorts. I actually forgot that it was wintertime, as the sunshine felt so nice and summery! Although I was technically there for business, I made sure to get in some beach time. It was a little windy, so I didn’t lay out for too long, but the feel of the sand and the sound of the waves was more than enough to put me at ease.

My first attempt at doing a panoramic photo. Not perfect, but still pretty!

My friend graciously served as my tour guide while I was there, and we had a great time driving around so I could see the different neighborhoods. We had lunch at a cute place near the University of Miami campus and stuffed ourselves silly with delicious treats.  I’m not used to being a city where so many people drive to get around, so that felt a little weird, but it was also the quickest way to explore downtown Miami, South Beach, and Miami Beach. I wish that I could have been there for longer so that I could do more beach-ing on my trip, but I definitely feel like I got a good feel for the area.

I still have a lot of other places to visit for interviews, and I plan to keep an open mind about all of them when deciding which place I like the best and ultimately where I want to be next year. Sadly, there will be no more beach destinations along the way, but I’m sure I can find some fun things to do and see even in cold weather.