January 25, 2013


My final interview of the season led me to Indianapolis for a couple of days earlier this week. I was excited for this trip for a few reasons, the big ones being that it signaled the end of my interviews, I loved the site I was visiting, and it meant exploring a new city. However, in the days before I left for Indy, a cold front settled over the region, and I was facing below-freezing temperatures in the single-digits. Yikes! I was determined to still find a way to explore, even if it was bitterly cold, but I have to admit I was a bit nervous.

Things started off a bit rocky. My first flight was delayed due to a mechanical problem on the plane, causing me to miss my connecting flight. The airline worker at the gate desk had no idea where my checked baggage was, so of course I was nervous the entire flight about whether it would end up in the right place. Then, the morning of my interview, the taxi I had arranged to pick me up to bring me to the site failed to actually arrive, making me late for my interview. Uuggghhhh.

But after that, things were good. The interview went well, and afterwards I bundled up to do some exploring. I was staying at an apartment in a cool neighborhood on Massachusetts Avenue, and I wanted to walk downtown so I could see all of the shops and restaurants along the way. It was cold, but not unbearably so, so I wandered around for a while, peering up at the lovely structures around me. I forgot my nice camera back in DC, but my simple point-and-shoot helped me capture some of the scenes.
They just don't make buildings like this anymore! 

 Massachusetts Avenue
Scottish Rite Cathedral
Cenotaph Square

Obelisk Fountain at Indianapolis World War Memorial

Indianapolis World War Memorial

Indianapolis World War Memorial

Soldiers and Sailors Monument

Soldiers and Sailors Monument

Indiana Statehouse

After a while, once the adrenaline from my interview had completely worn off and the cold had made my fingers clumsy, I realized that I couldn't take the cold anymore. This girl needs to invest in some good lined gloves! I headed back to the apartment and promptly set up camp on the couch in my flannel PJ pants and warmed up with hot chocolate and some delicious pizza from a restaurant down the street. Wonderful!

It would have been nice to walk around more, visit the Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library, and take in the Indy skyline like I did in Pittsburgh, but honestly, I was just too cold and tired. Oh well! Part of me is disappointed that I wasn't able to do more during my visit, but I could also see myself returning to this area. If there's one thing I've realized during my interview travels, it's that there are so many great cities in this country, and I'd really like to make more of an effort to see them. The Northeast will always have my heart, but that doesn't mean I can't also love other places. :)