January 20, 2013

Sunday Currently : 3

This weekend involved equal parts being a blob and being active. The hubs and I took a journey down to Eastern Market in one of my favorite DC neighborhoods, I practiced my Mad Photography Skillz, I did some reading, and we did some honeymoon planning.

I also ate this linzer cookie:

It was just as delicious as you imagine it was. You're jealous, I know. It's okay.

This was my first week back after the winter break, and I was adjusting to my work schedule and clinical placement schedule. There are some changes from last semester that I'm still adjusting to, and I need to think of how to best spend my time. This was a slow week, but I felt tired, anyway. Since I'm traveling this week again for my final interview, things will feel a bit thrown off. I'm just hoping that I readjust quickly and muster up some energy so I don't feel like an Eeyore.

Truthfully, I had a major case of the blues earlier this morning. That darn restless anxiety has been creeping up on me again. It's the feeling of being in a messy room, where every out-of-place paper seems to be taunting me. I tried to write this post a few hours ago, when that feeling was whirring through my mind, leaving me confused about exactly why I felt so sad. So I went for a quick run, did some dishes, opened up the windows, put on some bright blue pants, and went outside. I'm now in Starbucks, feeling rejuvenated, caffeinated, and happy. My goal for today was to feel at peace again, and I think I've done that. It's amazing what a little activity can do for the soul! 

reading : A Farewell to Arms by Ernest Hemingway, which is unexpectedly enjoyable. I thought I wasn't a Hemingway fan, but old Ernie has drawn me in, anyway. Also reading a photography book from the library with the hope that its knowledge will be magically transported to my fingers. 

writing : A mental to-do list. More apartment-cleaning, planning meals for the week, laundry. 

listening : To Mumford and Sons. "Babel" usually soothes me and wraps me in feelings of contentment. I also tend to sing along, which always makes me happy. Being in Starbucks, I also have the hustle-and-bustle of the city in the background. Nothing like Inauguration weekend in DC, that's for sure!

thinking : Not so much thinking as dreaming. I've been in my head a lot lately, in both good and bad ways. Must get out, physically and mentally. 

smelling :  Coffee. Rich, delicious coffee.

wishing :  That I had an easy solution to ongoing financial stressors. The hubs and I are poor grad students, and that won't change for a few more months. We'll still be grad students, but slightly less poor. I know it's worth it in the end, but I just really want to be able to afford to pay off my student loans. And my rent. Wah!

hoping :  That the hubs wants to do some outside beer drinking with me later this afternoon. I just want to stay outside when it's warm out!

wearing :  Bright blue pants from J Crew Factory, my favorite college t-shirt, and a bright blue scarf that smells like vanilla. Bright colors tend to pull me out of my mental funks, and today is no exception. 

loving :  My city. I know I've been writing about this a lot lately, but walking the streets of my tourist-laden neighborhood, I am reminded of how it is really very cool that I live here, especially on weekends like this. While I don't think I will trek down to the Mall for the Inauguration tomorrow, it's still really awesome to be here for an event like this. Politics aside, there is something to be said for witnessing major moments in history that just happen to be in your backyard. DC, you have really captured my heart. 

wanting : To be embarking on our international travels, snapping away on a nice camera, and watching sunsets with the hubs. I have a serious case of wanderlust.

needing : To get back on a consistent schedule. Staying up too late, sleeping in too late, and sitting in basically the same spot for four hours is not doing anything for my self-care. 

feeling :  More at peace. If I had answered this this morning, I would have said that I was feeling sad, uneasy, and agitated. Thankfully, I have booted that out the door and am feeling happy, productive, and alive. Very alive. 

clicking :  On the Sunday Currently! This has very quickly become my favorite link-up, and I love reading everyone's posts and discovering new bloggers. I'm very new on the blogging scene, but this link-up makes me excited to be here and starting this journey.

And on that note.... link up with Lauren!