January 19, 2014

Sunday Currently : 52

Three-day weekends are the best! While I admit I was terribly lazy yesterday, today is all about activity. I am on a mission to de-clutter and clean up our house, partly because my parents are visiting in a couple of weeks and partly because winter makes things feel dustier than usual-- I just need to clean everything!  The hubs and I are also going on an excursion downtown in a bit so that we can visit the MLK Memorial. I've driven past it before but never given it a proper visit, and it seems appropriate to do that this weekend. 

The past week has been odd. I was out sick from work for part of it, and I spent a lot of time in bed, trying not to cough up a lung. Blegh. Thankfully, I'm feeling a million times better and ready to be part of the world again. Here's to a fun Sunday!

reading :  All the King's Men. I just started it and haven't gotten very far. No opinion about it yet, but I do hope it draws me in a bit more. 

writing :   Cover letters, cover letters, cover letters! A postdoc or a job awaits me...

listening :    To the hubs putting together his tuna fish sandwich in the kitchen as O'Higgins frantically meows up at him, trying to get a bit of tuna. This little guy squeaks at every opportunity for food, even when he has just been fed!

thinking :   About my plan to de-clutter the house. We have put together a donation bag for clothes, and I am parting with another three pairs of shoes. I really need to dig through my bags of jewelry and organize the pieces I want to keep, but that might need to wait for this evening or tomorrow. 

smelling :     The eau de toilette that I just sprayed. I had forgotten that I had this one, and I think it will be perfect in the spring time! So crisp and fresh. 

wishing :   For good news in the near future...

hoping :   That the metro runs smoothly when we head out in a little bit to go downtown. Weekend track work is always a headache, so I may need to pack my book so that I can amuse myself if we have a long wait. 

wearing :   New grey jeans from J. Crew Factory, and a newish black, white, and red striped shirt also from Factory. Note to self: Donating clothes does not mean I get to purchase 30 new items, even if they are on sale....

loving :    Our new auction items! My-father-in-law kindly drove the items to us from Ohio, and we are enjoying them so much. We need to do some rearranging, as the mule chest is a tad larger (okay, a lot larger) than I expected, and it might work best in our guest bedroom,

wanting :   To keep cooking with items we already have. Last night I made a delicious, spicy dish of quinoa, sweet potatoes, and bell pepper with cayenne, and it felt so good to put together an easy meal! This dish might be repeated this week...

needing :   To put together a snack before we head downtown. Greek yogurt with kiwi perhaps?

feeling :   Motivated to keep cleaning up our house, thankful that my bronchitis/pneumonia is nearly completely gone, and excited to walk around the city and enjoy some sight-seeing. Being a tourist in your own city can be so much fun! :)

clicking :   On some job postings, and I will be doing some Sunday Currently reading later today.

Happy Sunday!


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