January 5, 2014

Sunday Currently : 51

It has been a delightful weekend. After getting more snow here than was expected, I have spent the past few days bundling up under blankets and watching movies, as well as tromping through the snow to run errands in the picturesque Takoma Park. There's something about snow that makes going to the library and the hardware store just so much more quaint and pleasant-- not that I wouldn't ordinarily enjoy those particular errands, but they are escalated to a new level when snow-covered holly bushes are involved. It's been a nice few days, a time when I feel like I have relaxed and savored the last few moments of vacation yet also moved around enough to feel productive.

I love those days.

reading :  Forever, but I plan to finish it today and move on to All the King's Men

writing :   Cover letters for postdoc positions! I applied to my first one last week, and I have several deadlines coming up this week. Eeeee!!!!

listening :    To the heat coming through the vents. It's so warm and cozy indoors!

thinking :   About plans for the day (brunch, some quick shopping/returning in Georgetown) and general plans involving practicing more photography and getting downtown more often. 

smelling :    Winter air coming in the front door as the hubs takes down our icicle lights and passes them inside.

wishing :   For a strong spring semester. I head back to work tomorrow, and I need to get back into school mode!

hoping :   That postdoc plans work out, even if I end up not doing a formal position. I tend to be an optimist, and I think that no matter, things will be okay... but, you know, I wouldn't mind having this transition be a smooth, easy one. :)

wearing :   My new Pixie pants and camel sweater. Given how slushy it is outside, I may need to add my beloved mint Hunters or my trusty Bean Boots to the mix so that I don't slide around and get my feet wet. 

loving :    The items we picked up at an auction yesterday. My father-in-law gave us the heads up that an auction house in Ohio was having an event for early American items, and we scored a beautiful serving table, a rocking chair, and a mule chest. I love how much history these items have, and I am so excited that we will be adding our own stories to them. 

wanting :   To be better about cooking new meals, using the food items we already have, and spending less on unnecessary items at the supermarket. The hubs and I are trying to stick to a grocery budget, and I'm hoping that it will encourage us to become more creative in the kitchen!

needing :   To keep drinking water throughout the day.... perhaps with some lemon?

feeling :   Excited for Brunch Club with my girlfriends, as it's been a while since we had one together. Today we are headed to Birch & Barley, one of those restaurants that has somehow always eluded me. Expect some Instagrams of my meal. :)

clicking :   On blogs to catch up on some reading, as well as clicking around iPhoto to do some minor photo editing.


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