December 29, 2013

Sunday Currently : 50

This is my 50th post with the Sunday Currently! It has been so much fun to participate in this link-up, and I know that I will enjoy looking back on past weeks and remembering what I was doing on all of those Sundays. Here's to many more!

This Sunday is a rainy one. The hubs and I returned from Michigan last night after a bit of a flight delay, and we are now tackling a few house projects, like cleaning out the fridge, putting away gifts, and general house reorganization. It feels great to toss unneeded (and sometimes spoiled) items, and I know it will feel so good to have things simplified and neat. We still have too much clutter, but we're getting better with donating and simplifying. Little by little, we will get there!

reading :  On the Road. I plowed through my magazines while our flight was delayed yesterday and did more Kerouac-reading, but I am reeeeaallly stretching it out for a bit longer. 

writing :   Some e-mails to friends as we plan a movie outing for this evening. Catching Fire was so good that I offered to go a second time with a friend who hasn't seen it yet.

listening :    To the rain hitting the kitchen windows. Even if it's a bit gloomy out, the sound of rain always seems so soothing and comforting to me. 

thinking :   About desired future travel plans. The hubs and I are hoping to take a big international trip over the summer, but if that doesn't work out, I'd like to head back to Michigan to explore new parts.  Lake Michigan is calling me, you know?

smelling :   Coffee and clementines, my kitchen table companions.

wishing :    Good things for my post-doc plans... fingers crossed.

hoping :   That I don't regret my decision to moonlight two and a half days this week. I appreciate having a bit more money, but I kind of also want to just stay at home, relax, and get some dissertation work done. Oh, well...

wearing :   Cotton pants with martini glasses on them (the ultimate in pajama chic) and a t-shirt. Perhaps I should change before heading out into public?

loving :    That the cats have been so happy to have us back home. They're both been following us around and curling up next to us since we returned last night, and it feels nice to be back with these little cuddle buddies. 

wanting :   To whip up a new batch of cupcakes so that I can make pretty frosting swirls with the new pastry bag we picked up in Canada. I've been wanting one of these for a while, and I'm so excited to use it!

needing :    More water, perhaps.

feeling :    Eager to get things done!

clicking :   Around Real Simple's website. They had a great article about how to organize the fridge that was especially helpful this morning, and I appreciate their tips about how to best clean up and organize the house. 


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