December 16, 2013

Moscow Mule

A few weeks ago, the hubs and I got the idea to infuse vodka. We were listening to a bit on The Splendid Table, and it sounded easy enough to try out. So why not?

This past weekend, we finally got to try out our creations at our holiday party with friends, and I am so excited that it ended up being a big hit! A few friends said that they wanted to start infusing vodka, as well, and I think we will gather some friends to work on a new batch soon. Since this ended up being an easy project with a great end result, I decided that I wanted to share our experience here.

We started with a 1.75 L bottle of Sky vodka and split the contents between two containers so that we could try out two different concoctions. In a large mason jar, we dropped in three whole habanero peppers, some thin slices of ginger (one inch total), and sliced lime peel. We let it sit for about three weeks before straining it, and then we set the jar aside until we were ready for our holiday party.

The vodka definitely had a kick to it, and I'm sure it would be fun to drink on its own. Since I'm not really into drinking straight liquors, though, we decided to make Moscow Mules for our party, which required the addition of some ginger beer (2 parts ginger beer to one part vodka). The end result was lots of spice with some sweetness, and it all went down smooth. Success!

Have you ever infused liquor before? Would you try this one out?

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