December 9, 2013

O Christmas Tree

There is just no denying it: I love the snow. I grew up in New York, and my winter memories are filled with snow forts, snowmen, snowballs.... you get the idea. Living in DC hasn't quite satisfied my penchant for snowy winters, though it is endlessly amusing to see the city predictably shut down in a panic over any snow or ice predictions (even better when said snow and/or ice fail to actually materialize). No matter, though. Any time we are lucky enough to get a true snowfall down here, I feel it, that magical, blissful feeling of pure snowy happiness.

We awoke to gentle white flakes yesterday morning, and they continued to fall as we made our way up to Takoma Park to pick up a few essentials at the Farmers Market, including this gorgeous wreath that is now cheerily hanging on our front door. The crowds were much smaller than usual, and not all of our favorite vendors were there, but I loved the scene of a thin blanket of snow settling on the canopies and streetlights.

Our main goal, however, was not wreaths or goodies-- it was to find a Christmas tree. How is it that I had forgotten how wonderful pine trees smell? I could have just run from bundle to bundle sticking my face into countless trees, but aside from that being terribly weird, we had to actually pick out our Christmas tree. I was so excited as our tree got bundled up in that plastic netting and then placed into the trunk of our Zipcar. The snow was falling more heavily by that point, and we made it back home just as it started to really accumulate on the roads-- perfect timing.

Sometimes you just need a morning like that, one that's filled with snowflakes and hippie neighborhoods and a perfect Christmas tree. Sometimes that's all you need to feel happy.

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