December 15, 2013

Sunday Currently : 49

Last night the hubs and I hosted a holiday party for our friends, and I have to say, I think we've crossed over into new territory. Our last holiday party a few years ago was a rowdy affair, and I'm pretty sure there was an arm-wrestling competition... there were definitely a couple of visits from a neighbor asking us to quiet down. This year, though,  it all felt very grown-up. We decided to use our glassware that we received for our wedding, and though I was initially nervous that we might have some broken martini glasses and a shattered champagne flute, everything stayed in one piece. Remarkable! So I think we are officially at the point where we can put out our nice things, and both we and our friends are responsible enough not to break all of the breakables. :D

No matter how responsible we are now, it's still okay to eat cookies for breakfast, though, right?

reading : On the Road and Forever. I didn't read at all last week, but I'm aiming to create more reading time this week.

writing :   More Christmas cards. We are almost done, but still a few more to go!

listening :   To the hubs work in the kitchen and the cats running around the house. We all slept in until about noon, but now we are ready for the day!

thinking :   About friends and how nice it can be, post-party, to sit around the living room and just talk. We stayed up until nearly 3 in the morning doing just that, and I'm so thankful to have people in my life where night like that can happen.

smelling :   The hubs cooking up huevos rancheros in the kitchen. Yum yum!! 

wishing :   For more snow! None predicted for this next week, but a girl can dream.

hoping :   That my hair grows back quickly. I got a haircut yesterday, and while I really like it (especially how soft and silky it feels now!!), it's a couple inches shorter than I requested. Still cute, but I do love the feel of long hair. I'll adjust!

wearing :    College sweatpants and a t-shirt-- gotta stay comfy!

loving :     My new baby nephew!!! My sister went into labor last week about four weeks earlier than planned, and now we have a new addition to the family. They are all doing well, and this little guy seems like a cutie. The hubs and I are going to visit them all soon, and I am over the moon with joy!

wanting :   Coffee... lots of it.

needing :   To finish our post-party clean-up, which actually isn't too bad, just some furniture that needs to be moved and some cups and plates that will go back in a cabinet.

feeling :   Content. There's something nice about being alone in the house with the hubs, settling back into our home, and enjoying some coffee side-by-side. Life is so good. :)

clicking :  On some blog catch-up later today, and then clicking around to write a post about some special infused vodkas we served last night at our party. Intrigued? Check back tomorrow on the blog!


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