December 8, 2013

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It's snowing!! I hope for this moment each and every winter, and it has finally come. I know that technically DC's first snow came right before Thanksgiving, but I wasn't in town then, and the snow seemed pretty minor. This, however, is sticking to our porch steps and forming icicles in my hair. This is real.

We picked up our Christmas tree this morning, as well as made a quick stop by the farmers market for some goodies and a beautiful wreath. The snow was blowing around but was still somewhat tame. I don't know if we will actually get much accumulation, but I'm just enjoying it while it lasts. I love the magic of the first real snow!

reading : On the Road, which is an easy, enjoyable read. I'm still not very far into it because I got sidetracked with some magazine reading, but I really like it!

writing :   Lots of Christmas cards. We ran out of stamps, but I want to get all of our cards out in the next couple of days. Receiving holiday messages is such a cheery lift during the week, don't you think?

listening :   To Christmas music on Pandora. I am in total bliss right now. Snow outside, Christmas tree propped in the corner waiting to be decorated, and Christmas tunes in the background... This is happiness.

thinking :    About how much I love the holidays! I am 100% in the holiday spirit today. Thanks, snow, for making today extra magical. 

smelling :    Frasier Fir. Mmmmm.

wishing :   For continued happiness this holiday season. I love the emphasis on spending time with loved ones and wishing good will towards all, and it's what makes this time of year so special to me.

hoping :   That our cats don't knock over the tree... Molly will probably be okay, but O'Higgins seems to have a penchant for mischief...

wearing :   Jeans and my favorite blue and green plaid button-down. I wore my Bean Boots for the first time outside today, and they are officially the best winter weather boots I have ever owned.

loving :    How the simple things in life can bring so much happiness.

wanting :  To bake some cupcakes later today. What is it about cold weather and snow that puts me in a baking frenzy? Does this happen to anyone else?

needing :    To finish putting away groceries and to straighten up the living room. This space will soon be a tangle of twinkle lights and ornaments! And glitter. Most likely glitter (sorry, hubs).

feeling :    So very happy, and also very cold in my fingers. My gloves didn't keep them especially warm during our morning errands, and it's taking some time for my fingers to warm up. Best to drink hot chocolate, right?
clicking :  On Pandora as we listen to the Traditional Christmas station.


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