December 1, 2013

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Ah, post-Thanksgiving bliss! I am so happy to be back home in DC, curled up with the kitties by my side, all nice and warm. Having a few days off from work was wonderful, and while the next couple of weeks will involve lots of hard work, I feel well-rested and re-energized. Today is about typical Sunday laziness, with a few errands thrown in there for good measure. And lounging. Lots and lots of lounging.

reading : About the awful Metro North derailment that happened in New York this morning. We left New York yesterday morning, but it's impossible not to think about how that easily could have been us on that train. The hubs and I took that line often during our college days, and we were just gliding beside the Hudson on Amtrak a matter of hours ago. My heart goes out to everyone impacted by the derailment. 

writing :   Nothing at the moment, as I am all about the laziness. However, I must write some Christmas present lists so I can finish up my shopping and send gifts out to family members we won't see for the actual holiday. 

listening :   To Christmas music playing in an otherwise quiet house. Mmmm, holiday spirit.

thinking :    About the holidays in general. I didn't realize it last year, but it was my last Christmas in my childhood home, and all of the traditions I love won't ever happen in quite the same way again. Future holidays at my parents' new house will feel a lot more like we are visitors stopping by rather than having any sense of homecoming, and that's a bit sad. It makes me think about the home that the hubs and I are creating together and how we'll just have to embark on our own traditions to celebrate in our own way. 

smelling :    My lavender hand lotion. What is it about lavender that is just so lovely? 

wishing :   For nothing in particular. 

hoping :  For more family and friend visitors in the new year. Although DC isn't that far from New York, we've had only a handful of visits of the past 5+ years, and it would be nice to show people where we have made our home, especially since next year could bring us even further away.  

wearing :    Jeans and a sweater... I think it might be a bit warmer out today than it has been, so maybe no frozen fingers today?

loving :   Good family moments. The holidays with my extended family are always a fun time, and it makes me very thankful to have grown up close to relatives. There are always so many laughs when we are together! 

wanting :    A skirt for our not-yet-purchased Christmas tree that is both beautiful and not a million dollars. I've been scouring the internet but haven't been able to find one yet! Any recommendations?

needing :    To do some decent grocery shopping since our fridge is looking rather pathetic right now. What kind of delicious meals should we make this week?

feeling :   Nostalgic and Christmasy... December is so much fun!

clicking :   All over the interwebs! I restrained myself (a little bit) on Black Friday, but now I must prep for Cyber Monday sales to help out my Christmas shopping! 


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