February 16, 2014

Sunday Currently : 55

I have returned! I unexpectedly took the last couple of weeks off from the blog world, and even though it wasn't planned, it felt good to do. Things have been busy around these parts, and I haven't had the time or mental energy to put much into this space, not even for just reading other people's recent(ish) posts. And while part of me does feel a little guilty about that, I know that I also needed to focus on things like interviews and catching up at work. This is shaping up to be a very busy month, and while there is a chance that I will take another impromptu internet vacation, I feel good about popping back in here.

reading :  All the King's Men, though I admit I am reading it somewhat half-heartedly. I'm just not loving it yet, but I keep hoping that I will! 

writing :  Some more dissertation bits and pieces. Blah. 

listening :   To the cats running up and down the stairs. They are competing for a sunny patch on the kitchen floor, and every now and then it devolves into one of them pouncing on the other and a full-on chase sequence out of the kitchen and up to the bedroom. 

thinking :   About all of the Big Things and Big Decisions that we might need to make soon. It stresses me out, I must admit. Changes are coming around these parts, and I don't quite know what they will be yet... so in the meantime, my mind is swirling with all of the possibilities. 

smelling : My lavender body lotion... which I am almost out of, so I need to find a replacement!

wishing :    For spring, though my snow-loving self is also wishing for more snow this week.  I don't mind winter, I really don't. I love snowfall and snow days. But I think that my soul needs some pastel colors and sunshine right about now, and I want to honor that. 

hoping :    For some clarity regarding some big decisions we have to make soon.

wearing :   Flannel cat pajamas. :) I'm not ready for real clothes, yet! Later. Later....

loving :   Our two snow days last week! I was surprised to get a second one, and I have to admit that it felt so good to have an extended weekend. Sometimes you just really need to sleep in and enjoy the time off.

wanting :   Some of that clarity I mentioned before. And sunshine. 

needing :   Patience and faith. Like whoa. 

feeling :   Sleepy. We were out late last night for a friend's birthday, and while it was so much fun (!!!), I'm moving a bit slow this morning. Best to just pile on some blankets and stay still, right?

clicking :   On recipes. We made this one for our Valentine's Day dinner, and it was heavenly. Cheese and gnocchi brought together in beautiful splendor. Yum. Seriously. While I don't think we will have something quite so decadent for our regular weekday meals, I'm trying to get back on track with preparing meals so that I have leftovers to bring with me to work. Any suggestions?


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