February 23, 2014

Sunday Currently : 56

I'll be honest. This weekend has not been all that relaxing. Yesterday morning was filled with delays, frustrations, and annoyances, and I had a hard time shaking all of that off, even though I had a lovely brunch and got to see a friend who no longer lives nearby. There were so many good parts of the weekend, but Life Stress keeps popping back in my mind. It's a persistent little bugger, and I would just like it to go away. So I'm trying to practice distraction and remind myself of the good things... and that's working, albeit temporarily. But, hey, I'll take it. Things will settle down eventually. Until then, I have chocolate.

reading :  Various drafts of my dissertation. Note to self: Must delete old ones!

writing :  Dissertation stuff. Gotta finish!

listening :    To Pandora's terribly annoying ads about egg donation. I am not donating my eggs, Shady Grove Fertility people!! Please just let me listen to my tunes in peace. 

thinking :   About what I want to do next year for postdoc... I have some very difficult decisions to make, and my mind is a tangled mess right now. You know that feeling when you fear that you're about to make a bad decision? Yeah, I have that right now. Ugh.

smelling :   Aveda's Be Curly hair product. I like how their products have a subtle scent that isn't harsh. 

wishing :   For peace. I think this might be on my wishlist for a while longer...  

hoping :   That I get some good news this week that makes my decision-making a bit easier!

wearing :    Jeans, moccasins, and a tank top. I love this springtime weekend weather that we've been having!

loving :    How a good song can help me calm down. Since my mind has been bouncing around lately, whenever I notice my thoughts racing, I've been taking a deep breath and mentally singing a song to myself. It instantly slows things down a bit, and it makes me feel a bit happier. 

wanting :    To devour my mac & cheese! I usually stop by Panera on my way to school as a reward for getting out of the house and into the lab, and my lunch selection was spot-on today. Mmmm.

needing :    To get some productive writing done!!

feeling :    Oh-so-stressed, but hopeful that things will work out. 

clicking :    On articles and various drafts of my dissertation. It's go time!!


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