June 9, 2013

Sunday Currently : 22

I'm baaaaack! Oh, the places we have been! The camels we have ridden, the food we have eaten.... our honeymoon was a total blast.

I have so many photos and stories about Morocco and Spain to share in this space, but today is all about the present moment. The hubs and I are back home in DC, starting the process of settling back in to our routine here. The gears are starting to turn again regarding the projects we paused, and it's fun to see how the garden we planted before leaving is now lush and thriving. For now, it's nice to be back on my beloved brown couch, typing away as I listen to the cat clomping up and down the stairs and start to plan my precious Sunday.

reading : Lots of blog posts! I kept up on reading for a little bit in Morocco, but we were so busy running around Barcelona that I completely disconnected from the blog world for the week we were there. Now it's time to catch up on what you've all bee doing!

writing : Not a whole lot at the moment. With Blog Every Day in May being over, I can no longer rely on prompts to guide my posting for the time being, and I need to sit down and think about what kind of content I want to put together for the next few weeks. 

listening : To some happy birds chirping in the front yard. I love how quiet it is in our house!

thinking : About starting work up again tomorrow! I was able to increase my hours to full-time for the next few weeks, and while I am grateful to earn a bit more to make up for our 3-week vacation, I'm also a little nervous about working so much after such a big break. Fingers crossed that this week goes well!

smelling :  Damp, humid air. Oh, DC, summer has arrived. 

wishing :  For more peace today. I'd like this Sunday to be slow and languid.  

hoping :  That J. Crew reimburses me for my newish pair of toothpick jeans that suddenly formed a giant rip under the back pocket while we were in Morocco! I also realized that the dye was turning my legs blue (awesome), so I think my pair was a tad defective. Customer service is going to take a look at them, and I'm waiting for them to send me a packing slip so I can send it off. 

wearing : Mesh shorts and a tank top, which is basically going to my summer uniform when I'm at home. 

loving :  Being back home with the hubs. After so many fun adventures, there is still something to be said for sharing a quiet home together. 

wanting :  Peaceful moments today. 

needing :   Food in the fridge, as it seems that the friend who was staying here while we were away did not do any grocery shopping. Our fridge looks so pitiful!

feeling :  Very very content. 

clicking :  All over Bloglovin today. I have so many posts to catch up on, and I also see that I have received a flurry of new followers who I would like to know! Once I work my way through my regular subscribed blogs, I would love to start exploring some new ones. In the meantime, feel free to introduce yourself in the comments. :)

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