June 23, 2013

Sunday Currently : 24

It is entirely possible that we stayed up too late last night and that my body is not functioning at optimal level today. One minute we were lazily BBQing in the backyard for our friend's birthday, and the next minute it was somehow after midnight and I was falling out of a chair in hysterical laughter at a ridiculous story that shall not be printed on the internet. :) You have to love those nights. Sure, I'm a little headachey now and could probably have used a couple more hours of sleep, but laughing with friends in the backyard, gazing up at the supermoon and watching the dogs chase the fireflies is just priceless.

Welcome to summer!

reading : Catch-22. I just finished To The Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf last week, and I've returned to Catch-22 with the hope of finishing it up over the next week. It's a great read, and I'm really enjoying  my recent books!

writing : More honeymoon posts. Be on the lookout for more Morocco tales this week! It's so fun to go through all of our photos and relive the experience. :)

listening : To the air purifier running in the living room. Things are quiet around here on Sundays. 

thinking :  About what we will do today. Since the rain has stopped for the moment, I kind of want to head up to Takoma Park to buy a tub of chocolate pudding from the farmers market...

smelling :  Residual peanut butter from my toast. Mmmm.

wishing :  For more fun this summer. Even though I'm working full-time, I need to carve out beach days and outdoor brunches with friends. Perhaps I shall take a look at my day planner and start committing to some summertime adventures...

hoping :  That today, whatever it brings, is filled with more peace. It's fun to have a lazy Sunday with the hubs, and I like how simple and calming this morning has felt already. 

wearing : Gym clothes from our impromptu living room yoga session this morning. It felt so good to stretch! 

loving :   Cool summer nights where we can stay outside for hours. :)

wanting :   Tacos. Always tacos. 

needing :  To stay hydrated today. More lemonade, please!

feeling :   Tired but content.  

clicking :   On yoga videos. We found this one this morning that is part of a 30-Day Yoga Challenge, and it was nice to stretch out and get our bodies moving. I still prefer going to an actual class, but this was a good, quick substitute.

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