June 30, 2013

Sunday Currently : 25

Rain drops and thick air... Today is definitely a muggy day, and while I would love to escape on the couch and do nothing more than drink lemonade, catch up on TV shows, and devour a new mystery novel, I must trudge forward and go to school. Yes, this Sunday involves doing schoolwork, and since I'm meeting a friend, I can't procrastinate and avoid this one. Oh, universe, you're making it very hard to be productive and motivated!

reading : Catch-22. I've been reading this on my work commute and am torn whether I want to read more this week or save it for my bus ride next weekend up to New York. Either way, I am still really enjoying this book!

writing : My dissertation. Ugh. While I do enjoy getting together with my friends to do dissertation work and provide encouragement, I also enjoying getting together with my friends and not doing any sort of school work. But apparently I need to finish my dissertation in order to get my degree next year, so....

listening : To The West Wing playing in the background. I've seen the entire series, but this is one of those shows that you could watch over and over again. Dooo-doooooooooo-do-do-do! 

thinking :  About lots of things, yet nothing at all. My coffee hasn't quite kicked in yet. But I am vaguely thinking about 4th of July plans and how I want to spend this Thursday. 

smelling :  My coffee. :) 

wishing :  For peace between our cats. O'Higgins (formerly Mr. Valentine) is desperate to be friends with Molly and expresses his affection by pouncing on her while she sleeps. Predictably, this does not elicit a loving response from Molly. 

hoping :   That next weekend in my hometown is filled with good times and old friends. And the beach. I reeeeally need the beach. 

wearing :  PJs. It's so muggy out that I don't particularly want to put on real clothes today, but since I'm going in to the lab today I should maybe at least put on a different shirt. Oh, responsibility. 

loving :   The hubs! 4th of July! Cat cuddles! Our new AC unit that doesn't sound like a rocket launch and actually cools our bedroom! 

wanting :   Our J. Crew Factory order to arrive early this week so that I can admire my new clothes. I have trouble resisting their sales. This week was no exception. Oops!

needing :  A cool shower. 

feeling :  Sweaty. Ha! Sorry. Summer in DC, what can I say?

clicking :  On not too much right now. Anything I should check out?  

Happy Sunday! 

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