July 13, 2014

Sunday Currently : 60

I am so glad that I have had the weekend to relax at home after a wonderful, beautiful week at the beach up in New York. Our family vacation was amazing, but the act of traveling on the train for hours, first from the very tip of Long Island to get back into the city, then journeying onward to DC, is a bit tiring. I also had a bridal shower to attend in Delaware yesterday, so overall, the past couple of days have been very travel-heavy. It's nice to unwind in the quiet of my own home, slowly unpacking and getting back into the usual routine.

Today is about restocking the fridge and other essentials, but also about settling back in and feeling restored. It's about clipping my rose bush out front, watering the vegetable garden, and settling in for some cuddle time with the kitties while we watch the World cup final. Here's to a lovely Sunday!

Remembering beautiful ocean views out in Montauk, at the very end of Long Island

reading : Nothing at the moment, as I zipped through The Old Man and the Sea, Toxic (the latest Pretty Little Liars novel), and The Light Between Oceans in the past week. So far, post-dissertation life is awesome!! I might return to my 100 Best Novels list, though, and take another crack at All the King's Men or start The House of Mirth

writing :  Lists for groceries, household items I need to stock up on, and books I want to read. Perhaps I will tackle some of these today...

listening :  To the quiet of being alone in the house with the cats. They seem to have missed having a human companion, and when they aren't sprawled out, purring in sunny spots on the floor or kitchen table, they are tearing around the house, knocking over anything and everything. Right now it's one of the quieter moments...

thinking :  About the past week and how wonderful it was to relax, visit one of my favorite places from childhood, and just be with family. We would like to make this an annual tradition, and I think it will be wonderful. 

smelling :   Heat. Today is one of those muggy, humid DC summer days where everything just smells humid and hot. 

wishing :    For no long lines at the supermarket. I aways seem to pick the worst ones and end up standing in line for 20 minutes or longer!

hoping :    That returning to work tomorrow doesn't feel too terrible! I have a few things to catch up on, but I'm hoping that nothing feels too stressful. 

wearing :   Shorts and a DC United t-shirt to get into the soccer spirit!

loving :   How the beach is my happy place. There's something magical about the sand and the ocean waves that fills my heart in the best of ways. 

wanting :  To redesign the look of this blog, but I'm not quite sure whether I want to do it on my own. I would love to find somebody to redesign my blog space, but I definitely do not want to spend hundreds of dollars. If anybody has a recommendation, please let me know!

needing :    Some lunch soon, as well as some water. I don't think I drank enough water when we were at the beach last week, and now all I want is a big glass of ice water.

feeling :   Excited for the World Cup final! It has been so much fun to watch all of these matches and talk about them with friends, co-workers, and family, and I think we have all enjoyed having a shared experience with cheering on our teams and watching the matches together. 

clicking :  On a few tidbits and blog posts. I'm looking forward to being a bit more active on this blog and interacting more with the bloggers I follow, now that my dissertation-induced hiatus has ended. Time to catch up! 


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