July 20, 2014

Sunday Currently : 61

This morning is off to a wonderful start. Yesterday afternoon was spent in Arlington, celebrating my friend's upcoming move to Florida and her surprise engagement to her lovely boyfriend-- it was so much fun to oohh and ahhh over her gorgeous ring and see her and her now-fiance walk around with looks of elation on their faces. I woke up feeling super happy and recharged, and when the hubs suggested that instead of going to the gym, we run up to Takoma Park for their Sunday farmers market, I decided to go for it. Why not?

The hubs has been recovering from an ACL injury the past few weeks (thankfully, it was only a partial tear, so no surgery!), but he has been able to do some gentle biking as part of his recovery. He rode alongside me and offered a string of encouraging statements as I trotted up the hills of Eastern Avenue. To my surprise, the run was not nearly as grueling as I thought it would be. Even better, I actually had a lot of fun and loved the feel of using my muscles and getting into a good pace, and I felt like I was flying as we zipped back to DC on the downhills of our second leg. It wasn't about pushing myself to beat my usual pace--instead, it was about enjoying being in motion. It was awesome!

reading : A couple of magazines that I still have sprawled around the house. I haven't yet picked a new book, but maybe I will figure that out this week. It feels so good to be able to read for pleasure without feeling guilty for not working on my dissertation!

writing :  Lists of items that I am packing up to take with me to Ann Arbor, items that I will pick up from my in-laws in Detroit, items that I will need to purchase, items that I am waiting to be delivered to the house... As it turns out, moving involves a lot of planning!

listening :  To the usual quiet Sunday sounds around the house... The typing of my laptop, the cars passing by down the road, neighbors chit-chatting from their front lawns.

thinking :  About how good this morning's run felt.

smelling :   The lingering scent of my floral-scented conditioner in my wet hair.

wishing :    For more peace in the world. Recent international events have been breaking my heart, and as long as they keep happening, I will keep wishing for change and justice. 

hoping :   That I will eventually find a way to keep my heavy, thick hair contained during my runs! I had to readjust my ponytail during the first leg, but during the second leg, my rubber-tracked headband flew off my head just as my ponytail also gave out, and I had to trot back to pick it off the sidewalk. Then, moments later, my ponytail holder broke! Than goodness I had an extra around my wrist! Any suggestions?

wearing :   A clean pair of stretchy running pants and a DC United jersey. Comfy, comfy, comfy!

loving :   How my body is actually stronger than I give it credit for. Being able to tackle hills that have intimidated me for over a year, and actually enjoying the experience, is such a blessing. It feels amazing to recognize that my legs are strong and that my lungs are powerful.

wanting :   To continue the 30-day fitness challenge that the hubs and I just started. In addition to our running/biking, we are doing circuits of squats, planks, crunches, and push-ups. I'm looking forward to seeing if I feel noticeably stronger by the end.

needing :  To pack up my kitchen items, knick-knacks, and photos! I am dreading the day when I start packing up my closets.... Maybe I can just peruse the Container Store for ways to organize all of my bathroom products instead?

feeling :  Really happy. Happy about my life, happy to embark on a new adventure in Michigan, happy for my friends, happy about how the past few nights we've been able to sleep with the windows open...just happy. :)

clicking :  On a great running blog, Michigan Runner Girl, that I discovered while researching potential races to sign up for next year. I love how motivating it is, and I must admit that my push to run this past week has largely come from feeling inspired by Heather's journey. I enjoy reading about her race recaps and training schedules, and it has made me want to explore other running blogs, too. Let me know if you read any good ones!


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