July 27, 2014

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I have decided that when it comes to my weekends, I enjoy that delicate balance between going out/being social and having quiet moments at home. This weekend has had all of that, and it's been nice to wind down my time in DC in such a nice manner. After my half-day of work on Friday, I took an epic nap and watched some old episodes of Pretty Little Liars before going out to Right Proper Brewery in Shaw with two friends who we always have the best time with. It was a night filled with amazing cheeses, beers, laughs, and conversation-- easy, fun, and exactly what I wanted at the end of the week. Saturday afternoon and evening offered more fun times and laughter with work friends, and it was the perfect way to close out our final weekend together (one of my fellow interns is moving away next week).

Today started out with a sweaty run to Takoma Park for their farmers market, and while it didn't feel as invigorating as last week's run, I felt settled and at peace as we made our way around the baskets of fragrant peaches and plums, humming along to the guitarist who was playing "Puff the Magic Dragon" on the sidewalk. In case you were wondering, yes, Takoma Park is indeed a hippie paradise, and, yes, we love it. :)


reading : About licensure requirements and other not-fun things. Being nearly done with graduate school is awesome...and filling out paperwork is not. 

writing : Lots of end-of-year evaluations and reports, as well as more moving-related lists. Again, so much paperwork!

listening :  To the AC blowing in the living room, which feels great after this morning's humid run. One of the cats is having a blast attacking the many cardboard boxes that are still stacked in the living room, so every now and again I hear a big thump as he flings himself into the pile.

thinking :  About how I can be more productive this week with packing and preparing for my move to Michigan. It will be an emotional week of farewells at work, and I want to feel present for that, but I also need to get ready for the future, and that means making more progress with my packing when I'm at home. 

smelling :   That lovely cardboard box scent...

wishing :  For some more DC magic over the next two weeks. My love for this city didn't dwindle when I was at the height of grad school stress, but I think I have felt more aware of it lately. Though I've lived here for six years, there are still more neighborhoods to explore, more restaurants to visit, and more nooks to discover.

hoping :    To cross another item or two off of my Project DC list before I move. I realize that I will have at least another four to five years in DC when I return since the hubs is just beginning his doctoral program, so there is no rush to see it all, but I still want to have a few last hurrahs before I leave in August.

wearing :   My sweaty running attire. No pretensions around these parts, folks! The cat who was attacking the boxes just a moment ago has now curled up between my feet, so I am "trapped" here with him for the time being. Darn. :)

loving :  The people in my life. They make the days sweeter and richer, and I feel so grateful for that.

wanting : To get back into the swing of writing for this blog. I have so many posts written in my mind, but I've been savoring my recent post-dissertation defense lull by doing other things, like dinners with friends and kitchen experiments. I don't want to cut those activities, but it would be nice to balance it out with the writing that I enjoy doing here. 

needing :  To pack! The hubs and I did a massive haul at the Container Store yesterday, and I'm actually feeling much more motivated now to organize my loose papers and bathroom items. What is it about organization items that makes me so excited?

feeling :   Nostalgic, motivated, excited, and sweaty. Not bad for a Sunday morning, right? :D

clicking :   On this recipe for cherry pie. I think that I will attempt to make it this week, which will be my first pie of the summer! It's hard to believe that I haven't done much baking this summer (ahem, gradschool), but I think this pie will be a fun kitchen project. 


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