November 19, 2013

DC Winter Holiday Fun

I'm a list-maker. If I don't write tasks down, I risk forgetting them, and when it comes to making sure that I do all of the fun things I keep meaning to do but don't actually get to, it helps to have a visual reminder to keep me on track. So when I started to think of how to keep the upcoming winter season filled with enjoyable moments, I figured that it would be helpful to make an official list. Here's what I've compiled so far!

1. National Christmas Tree. I've lived here for a few years, but I never quite make it downtown to check out the tree. I don't have a ticket for the lighting ceremony, but I recently learned that in the evenings there are music performances open to the public. 

2. Lessons and Carols. I loved to sing in Lessons and Carols in college, and last year I enjoyed resurrecting my memories while at the National Cathedral for their service. I would love to return for their service, but I'm also considering checking out a new place. Georgetown University perhaps? 

3. Handel's Messiah. A couple of years ago, my parents came into town and treated us to a performance of the Messiah at the National Cathedral. It was beautiful, I cried, and honestly, can life really get better? I would love to go back for this!

4. Ice skating at the Sculpture Garden. I've never gone before, but doesn't this sound so cute? And if it turns out to be a disaster, there's always hot chocolate. :) 

5. Zoo Lights. This is easy, cute, and fun. The National Zoo is lit up at night with colorful holiday lights, and it's just nice to walk around on a not-too-cold night. We used to live in this neighborhood and could just walk a couple of blocks down the street to get to the zoo, so it was also a very easy outing to take. Even though we no longer live in the area, it would be nice to hop on over. 

These are nearly all things to do in anticipation of Christmas, so I'll need to revise in the new year and think of other wintery things I can do as winter drags on. Perhaps visiting a few more museums on my Project DC list?

Here's to hoping that this winter is filled with warm, happy moments that help us all find enjoyment in the months to come. :)

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