November 10, 2013

Sunday Currently : 44

Busy, busy, busy! Today has been one of those mornings that is filled with tasks. It feels good to knock out some projects and clean up a bit, but there is also so much more to do. Since I like to keep my Sundays relaxed, however, I am allowing myself to take a bit of a pause.

It's becoming winter. Sometimes the wind blows so fiercely that it makes its way through our drafty windows and makes the curtains dance. I'm still marveling at the beautiful foliage around DC, but it hasn't escaped my attention that some of my favorite trees are losing their leaves, and before long we will be surrounded by tree skeletons. I'm trying to savor the beauty of autumn before it leaves us. Why does it always leave so soon?

I have so many thoughts about the changing of seasons, but maybe I'll save them for another day. For now, I'm just going to admire our new bookshelf and soak up the satisfaction of knowing that these books are no longer haphazardly piled on the floor. 

reading : On the Road. I've just started it, so no thoughts yet... though this does remind me that I am two books behind in updating my book reviews for the 100 Best Novels list. 

writing :  More dissertation pages. It's making my brain hurt, but since I need to start submitting post-doc applications relatively soon, I need to make a bit more progress on this project so it doesn't seem so pitiful. Ugh, grad school. 

listening :  To the dryer running downstairs. The hubs and I were making quite a ruckus earlier this morning as we put together yet another bookcase and did a bit of vacuuming. It's nice to have a bit more quiet now. 

thinking :   About a few different things today. My mind feels busy, not in a stressed way, but in the way that means there are fun things coming up and various projects that I want to tackle. 

smelling :   Lemon Pledge from all the dusting we did upstairs. I have yet to tackle the living room, but I sense more cleaning supplies in my future...

wishing :   For less clutter. I feel so good when we clean up and throw out junk or pull items to donate.  It reminds me of how much I love to organize, and it's just so much easier to do that when there are fewer random items scattered around the house. 

hoping :   That we get some decent snow this winter. Perhaps even a blizzard? Our 10-day forecast keeps hinting at the possibility of rain-snow this week, and I am crossing my fingers for some flakes. 

wearing :   Jeans and a t-shirt, both of which are now covered in dust and cat hair. Lovely! I also sense a wardrobe change in my future...

loving :    Our new bookshelf in the guest room! The hubs and I swore that we would never buy Ikea again, but with a box of books in need of a home, we caved and got another Expedit. It helped us organize a little better, and I think the cats will like using it as a perch to look out the window. We all win!

wanting :    Hot chocolate and warm things. The hubs and I made a morning trip to Giant to pick up canned goods for donation, and I got a few ideas for baking projects while we were there. Brownies and pumpkin pie, anyone?

needing :    A proper winter coat! I have ordered about a million coats from J. Crew in the past month, but so far I have only been successful in finding a great transition coat. I still need a longer one for those cold February morning walks to work, and I thought I found it in the stadium-cloth captain coat, but now I think the one I kept is still a tad too big. Can't a girl catch a break? 

feeling :   Excited about this time of year. Just two more full weeks of work, and then a lovely little break for Thanksgiving. I love the holidays!

clicking :  All over the blogisphere before settling back in with my dissertation. Distractions are welcome! :)

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