August 13, 2013


You know when you visit a new city, and you instantly think, "I could totally live here!" because of how captivating it is? The hubs and I absolutely felt that way about Barcelona.

Barcelona is a magnificent city full of history, and from the wide pedestrian boulevards to the winding ancient streets, it seems that every little corner has a story. The buildings are beautiful, the food is great, the people are wonderful... it's safe to say that we fell in love with this part of Spain.

Every day we took to the streets, exploring new neighborhoods and learning about the city's history. Here I want to mention two exceptional walking tours: Runner Bean's free walking tour of the old city and Nick's Spanish Civil War walking tour. Both were great ways to see the city with informative guides, and not once did I feel like a cheesy tourist! :D Seriously, though, they were both fun. Nick's tour was one of the highlights of the entire trip, and I left having a tremendous respect for Barcelona and the anti-Franco activists who fought to keep their city safe. Amazing.

We saw so much of the city that it would be impossible to share all of it here. I'll have a couple more Barcelona posts coming up (soccer and Gaudi each need their own!), but for now, here are some of our favorite snippets of the city.

I can still feel the cobblestones beneath my feet and the sun warming my skin as I weave through the streets. The cathedrals have amazed and moved me, and I can't stop raving about the modernist architecture and the wonders of Gaudí. Maybe I'll pop in to the modern art museum to cool down for a bit or pop open a bottle of cava on the beach. This could take a while. There's still so much ahead.

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