August 4, 2013

Sunday Currently : 30

Happy Sunday! I woke up this morning feeling exuberant. There is something so wonderful about waking up to see sunshine pouring through the windows and feeling a cool breeze work its way through the room. That, coupled with the ridiculous dream I was having wherein I was sad that our littlest cat would never stand on an Olympic podium (what??!!), made me immediately laugh and smile. Oh, how I love mornings like that.

reading : Orange is the New Black. The hubs and I watched the first season on Netflix and listened to Piper Kerman's story on The Moth, so this was the natural next step. I am really liking it so far, and it's interesting to hear the stories of women who have been, and might still be, imprisoned. 

writing :  Not too much. I have posts scheduled for this week, though I should probably finish up a few more ideas for next week. I'm trying to wrap up a Barcelona recap post, but it's hard to sort through all of our photos! This may end up being a Barcelona series...

listening :  To the hubs make coffee and prepare eggs in the kitchen. I love that he cooks! I am a lucky lady. :)

thinking :  About plans for today. I want to spend it outside, and I might go watch the hubs play in a soccer game later this morning. I would also like to stop by the farmer's market and get some pudding...

smelling :  The perfect day outside. This feels like early fall, which is my favorite time of year. The cool breeze that isn't too cold, the chirping birds... this is all making me feel super happy this morning. 

wishing :   For nothing. This moment is perfect. 

hoping :    That we get a few more days like this in the coming weeks and that I am able to enjoy them. 

wearing :    Mesh shorts and a t-shirt-- what else? This is my Sunday morning go-to.

loving :   Peaceful moments like this one. Waking up in a really good mood enhances the good in everything that follows. 

wanting :   Some bacon (the fake kind since I don't eat meat), though sadly, I don't think we have any. Wouldn't that go perfectly with eggs and coffee?

needing :   To start getting ready for the day in a little bit so I can head out into the world and enjoy the beautiful weather. 

feeling :  Excited to decorate my new office! I started my clinical placement on Thursday, and while I'm a little nervous about my new role, I know that this site was the right choice for me, and I am so excited to be there and getting settled.    

clicking :   On the New York Times, as usual. I love the Education section and enjoyed these perspectives on college: recruiting low-income students, a student's first year at Harvard, and a student's first year at Yale

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