August 21, 2013


The lovely Betsy Transatlantically is getting married this weekend, and while she is off in England being wonderful, she has asked a great question: What advice do we have for a couple on their wedding day?

Naturally, this question brought me back to my own wedding day. After the whirlwind of wedding planning, it felt a bit surreal to have the big day finally arrive. It was exciting and a little scary, but most of all, it was just so wonderful. It was the day that the hubs and I would officially join together in marriage, the day when our dearest friends and family would come together and celebrate our love for each other. It's romantic, isn't it? A whole day celebrated to your love! (Plus, having a photographer follow you around while you look awesome is preeeettty fun, too.) 

So what would I want to share to a couple about to embark on that experience? There are so many things I could share. I could say to remember to assign somebody to give your vendors their tips at the end of the night. I could say to remember to actually eat the wonderful catered meal you paid for. I could say to remember the rings. All of that is important. But it's not what I want to emphasize.

Enjoy each moment as it comes, and be, I mean really be, with your partner. Your wedding day will fly by quicker than you could imagine, and you don't want it to pass without having truly experienced it.

Things will go wrong. Somebody will be late, something will be not quite as you had wanted it to be... and all of that is okay. Don't get caught on those little things. Don't let the mistakes or mix-ups take you out of the wonderful truth that you are marrying your beloved. When you walk down the aisle, take a deep breath and look out at the people who are sharing that moment with you. Tell yourself, "I will remember this." Look into your partner's eyes and smile and know that you two are thinking the same exact thing at that moment. Step away from the party for a moment and soak it all in, arm in arm with your new spouse, and notice how people are dancing, smiling, laughing, all to celebrate your marriage. Savor that first sip of champagne, and enjoy your conversations. Be present. Those mental snapshots are what you will reach back to when you remember your wedding day. Make sure that you allow yourself to pause long enough to take them.

Happy Almost-Wedding Day, Betsy!! :D

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