August 18, 2013

Sunday Currently : 32

It's a quiet, rainy day in these parts, the sort of day where you make yourself some tea, wear your favorite sweatshirt, and settle in to get lost in a book or good movie.  Then maybe you rest your chin upon the windowsill, watching the misty rain fall from the sky, hoping that the flowers are soaking up every drop. What is it about the rain that makes gardens look so much more lush?

If the rain keeps up, I'll do plenty of romanticizing the weather later this afternoon. Before then, though, I am off to Brunch Club with my ladies! I have been trying to more actively honor my friendships by being a more present friend, and I am excited to spend time with this group of special people. We're getting to the point where people are starting to move away for jobs, and I am realizing that the time of our little group all living together in the same city has already passed. I want to appreciate what we have together now before it's gone.

reading : Native Son, my next 100 Best Novels selection. I like it so far, though it is definitely shocking in some parts. I was so engrossed in it that I nearly missed my metro stop and my bus stop yesterday! Thank goodness for my ability to leap through closing doors...

writing :  My dissertation! I went to school twice last week and devoted several hours to work, which actually felt really good. Two of my friends are working near my new place of employment, and we have been talking about getting together once a week after work to write for Dissertation Club. Not as fun as Brunch Club, but I'm finding that I need to be around others to be truly productive with this kind of writing. 

listening :  To cars driving on wet asphalt. I love that swish, each and every time.

thinking :  About fun events that are happening this year. This academic year is going to be busy and stressful, but I have a feeling that it is also going to be really enjoyable. One of my friends just set her wedding date, and I already know that it is going to be such a beautiful and wonderful time. I love weddings!!
smelling :  The lingering sweet scent of lavender. I have been putting sachets in our closets and drawers, and it's nice to give them a little rustle when I pass by.

wishing :   For peace today. I think I'll get it. :)

hoping :   For sustained energy this week. I am stepping into some new responsibilities at work that I am excited about, but I also feel nervous as I settle into this new role.

wearing :  Mint skinnies, gray tank top, and gold accessories. It feels cool enough for jeans, so I'm hoping that I'm comfortable on the walk to brunch.

loving :  Life in general. Life is really good!

wanting :  A pair of Hunter rainboots. I've been eying a few pairs for months, but now the color I wanted is no longer available, so I am stuck waiting until a new color strikes my fancy. Hard life. 

needing :   To fix one of the window screens in our bedroom. I awoke this morning after being pounced on by our kitten for the past two hours to find that he had busted the screen out of its frame. How he didn't go flying out the window, I don't know, but I'll be doing some DIYing this week...

feeling :  Excited for Brunch Club. The waffles are beckoning...

clicking :   On the brunch menu at B Too. What would you order?

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