August 25, 2013

Sunday Currently : 33

I have to admit that today started off with a bit of stress. Last-minute changes sometimes make me feel much more scattered and on-edge than they should, and I was having trouble letting go of that. But sometimes you just need a shower, hot pink shorts, and the promise of coffee to make the day good again.

reading : Native Son, which continues to captivate me to the point of nearly missing my stop on the metro. I'm hoping that I have enough free time this week to read more!

writing :  A couple of scheduled posts for this week. This week at work is going to be busy, and I know that I won't be able to write during the week. Must schedule ahead of time!

listening :  To the cats chasing each other up and down the stairs. For some reason, I think that the cooler weather is making them more wild. Does that happen to other pets?

thinking :  About plans for the day. We had originally planned to go out to Annapolis today, but then we suddenly remembered that our friends are having a birthday party for their son this afternoon. We felt guilty for potentially missing the little guy's first birthday, so we've re-arranged the agenda for today. I'm quite bummed about missing out on Annapolis, but the hubs has promised to nail down a date for September when we can go out there.

smelling :  My Jo Malone perfume. Mmm, orange blossoms.

wishing :   For endless weekend fun! We actually have quite a few exciting things scheduled for the next few weeks, so I'm looking forward to taking advantage of our weekends again. Travel, even when it's local, feels like such a treat.

hoping :   That the hubs and I take our Annapolis drive soon! I am envisioning a lazy September Sunday...
wearing :  Hot pink shorts, a grey sleeveless blouse form J. Crew Factory, and flip flops.

loving : Birthday cards. I always go for the ones with glitter and sequins because I just can't help myself!

wanting : A delicious coffee treat. Cappuccino or latte?

needing :   As usual, to get moving and to get out the door so that we're not late. 

feeling :  In-between, as if something is about to happen that I don't know about yet, or as if I am wavering between two places. I'm not quite sure what that's about yet...
clicking :   On websites for B&Bs in Lancaster County for my weekend birthday getaway in September. I can't wait to walk around in the cooler air, peruse the Amish farmers' market, and search for antiques! Does this make a boring old lady? Maybe. But I think it also makes me awesome. :) 

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