August 5, 2013

Peachy Keen

I have to admit that when a fellow DC blogger was sharing her peach-picking adventures on Twitter and Instagram, I swooned a little bit over the idea of fresh-picked fruit and all of the tasty treats you could make with them. Unfortunately, without a car or any plans to actually go pick some fruit myself, I decided that I could save the farm adventures for another day and satisfy myself with just baking a pie.

I've made pies before, but they've all been apple pies, and really it's been my mother who's done most of the work (though my job of cinnamon-sprinkler was undoubtedly very important). I wasn't entirely sure if I would be successful baking a peach pie, but hey, it was worth trying, right?

I basically followed this recipe, though I would add that I would probably use a bit more egg glaze than I did this time around, since I think it would make the pie crust a bit... crustier. And I would sprinkle sugar on top because I forgot about my plan to do that until after the pie was done baking. Oops! Regardless, though, it turned out really well. It even looked a bit pretty! Result: I can bake a pretty good peach pie.

Has anyone else tried their hand at pie-baking this summer? What else should I try out?

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