October 17, 2013

Corn Maze

The very last thing the hubs and I did before departing Lancaster County was stop at a corn maze. Is there anything more quintessentially autumn than a corn maze? Maybe a pumpkin patch/corn maze combo. Regardless, I was pumped to properly ring in the season with some corn maze action. Those cornfields hold some magic for me, and I was excited to wander through them for a while longer.

Since this was the only corn maze I've ever done, I don't know how it compares to others. In my opinion, it was amazingly fun. Do other mazes have people searching for clues throughout the maze? If not, then they totally should, because if there's anything better than a corn maze, it's a corn maze with a competitive edge-- bring it

I have a terrible sense of direction, so while the hubs expertly navigated us to our next clue, I skipped along, marveling at the corn and kicking at old animal bones that poked out of the mud. Slightly creepy, but I figure that in farmland like this, there's bound to be a bone or two buried under there. It made it, err, more authentic? Anyway, my jeans and Chucks ended up covered in mud, but it was deliciously fun.

An hour later, we exited the maze victorious, stopping only to pet the baby cow and to collect our prize: a corn pen. Yes, it is made of biodegradable corn-based plastic! Best. Pen. Ever.

Have you ever done a corn maze before? What was it like? This might be a contender for my favorite autumn activity!

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