October 20, 2013

Sunday Currently : 41

The air is starting to feel a bit more chilly, and while I have spent a large part of this weekend indoors, I think that I'll need to take a bit of a walk so I can soak up the sunshine and breathe in the fall air. Mmmmm, I love this time of year. The season, the festivity, the projects, the food... everything just seems so exciting and fresh and invigorating.

There are still projects that I have yet to accomplish, as something inevitably gets in the way. I need to resurrect my day planner and write down these little trips and tidbits. They seem to materialize when I write them in pen, as if my color-coding strategy somehow has the power to make things happen off the page. I'll put this theory to the test this week, and hopefully next weekend will have some adventures sprinkled throughout.

reading : The November issue of Real Simple. My October issue arrived over a month late, so I caught up on that one this morning, and I am enjoying flipping through these pages. Autumn recipes just seem so comforting and savory, and I like pulling my favorites so I can put them into a binder for future use. 

writing :  My dissertation, as well as a couple of post ideas for this week.

listening : To our neighbor's door barking next door. Our heat turned on this morning (how did that happen??), and I could hear it coming through the vents. Our little cat, O'Higgins, seemed very startled by this and immediately hopped up on the bed and ran into my lap for reassurance. Oh, sweet kitty...

thinking :    About our plans for the day. Checking out a gym, a quick trip to Giant, doing some more writing, and then... pumpkin carving, chili-making, and possible cookie-baking!

smelling :   The wonderful scent of the apple cider candle my parents sent us. Seriously, if I were having any trouble getting into the season, this candle would fix it all. 

wishing :    That we had been able to go our haunted hayride last night as we had planned, but there were a lot of last-minute bumps, and we ended up just going out to dinner with our friends. It was fun, but I still wish that the hayride had happened. Hopefully next weekend!

hoping :    That J. Crew gets in a few more winter coats so I can buy a replacement one. I like my winter coats to have Thinsulate, and right now only one style has that lining, and I'm not crazy about any of the colors. I like my winter coats to be bright, and right now nothing is popping out at me. In time, in time...

wearing :   At the moment, a PJ set that used to belong to my sister, though I'm thinking that today is a good day for some plaid shirts and argyle socks. 

loving :   My new navy velvet pants from Factory. So comfy. So pretty. So perfect!

wanting :   Coffee. Oh, hubs, where have you gone? Your lady friend needs some caffeine.

needing :    To finish reading my book and stack of magazines. I didn't get as much reading done last weekend as I would have liked, but I am doing my part this morning. 

feeling :   Ambitious in my baking plans for later today, though I'm also thinking that I might need to postpone them if things start to feel too hectic. I just want to make all of the baked goods, all of them!

clicking :    On a beautiful video by NYC Ballet called "New Beginnings," filmed at sunrise on September 12th. I love NYC Ballet, but since I've been neglecting my YouTube subscriptions, I haven't watched new content in quiiiite a while. I'm so happy that I caught up on this one!

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