October 27, 2013

Sunday Currently : 42

It was just one of those weeks. One that started off well enough but then became overwhelming, and I couldn't shake the feeling that things were really off. I took a break from the internet in favor of assuming Human/Blanket Blob position on the couch, which usually does the trick. I'm definitely feeling a bit more restored, though this morning's migraine is putting a damper on my otherwise peaceful Sunday. Le sigh. This calls for tea, muffins, and sweatpants!!

Olive, my naptime buddy

reading : My stack of Smithsonian magazines that I am slowly but surely working my way through. I finally finished Native Son! Oh boy, what an intense book that was.

writing :  My dissertation! The past couple days were great for writing, and I'm actually feeling really good about the work I got done this weekend. Isn't it great when you hit a nice flow state?

listening :  To some Beethoven sonatas this morning. Though I stopped studying piano in high school when my teacher stopped giving lessons, I have always had a soft spot for this instrument. I'm hoping to one day inherit the baby grand that is in my parents' house, but lately I've been wondering if it would be possible to pick up a small upright piano at an estate sale or something. It would be so fun to have a piano again!

thinking :   About the upcoming week, though I'd like to focus more on making today enjoyable. Be gone, stress!

smelling :   My raisin muffin. I decided to heat it up before eating it, which was a great call. (Good job, self.) Warm food is so comforting!

wishing :    That I felt better so that we could go out to the DC United game this afternoon, but it looks like we'll be watching the game from home today. I'm disappointed to miss it since this is their last game of the season, but I feel too migrainey to venture out today.

hoping :    That my online shopping goodies arrive soon! I struck gold with a great dress on super sale at Banana Republic last week, and I am waiting for another, less work-appropriate leopard print dress to arrive next week. My mother and I also patrolled J. Crew's outerwear section, and I ordered four different coats to try on to replace the fall/winter coats that had to be retired due to massive rips in the lining. I hope that they work out! I will, of course, be returning at least two, but I'm so excited to check them all out! I ordered the Majesty peacoat and the Duffle coat (which has mysteriously disappeared from the website-- all sold out maybe?). Can you guess which colors I chose?

wearing :   College sweatpants and a DC United t-shirt. Even if I can't be down at RFK, I must show my team spirit!

loving :   Animals. I've had some ultra-adorable moments with pets this weekend, first with our cats curling up next to each other (which hardly ever happens) across my legs while I dissertated yesterday, and then with our friends' dogs last night. They have a huge pitbull mix, Olive, who weighs about a million pounds and decided to plop down across my entire body and nap on top of me while I fell asleep on their couch (last night's beer brewing adventures went on a liiiiitle too late for me). I'm not entirely sure how I managed to keep breathing since my lungs were being crushed, but the cuteness factor must have been enough to keep me going. I just love these guys!

wanting :   My left eyebrow to stop searing in pain. Migraine, be gone! These piano sonatas will gently carry you away into nonexistence!

needing :   To clean today... but I don't want to. The dust bunnies are plotting a rebellion, I can just tell. Maybe I'll let them have their way for now. Just because I'm so nice like that.
feeling :    Really happy about our decision to join a gym. I went for a much-needed, refreshing run on the treadmill after work on Friday, and it felt so good to be active again. My goal is to get to the gym three times per week and to try out some new classes. Cycling intrigues me. Has anyone tried this before? Will I fall off the bike?

clicking :  On the 243+ unread blog posts from last week. Taking an internet break was definitely the right call for me last week, but I'm looking forward to getting back into the swing of things this week. Comments, here I come!

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