October 13, 2013

Sunday Currently : 40

Michigan dreams are different than other dreams. They don't resemble my summertime beach dreams or my city fantasies, and they're a different shade compared to my Hudson Valley dreams. Even in Detroit, a city that seems a bit more empty since our last visit, these dreams just yearn to be recognized.

The hubs and I are in Detroit this weekend visiting his family, and it has been a wonderful time. Yesterday we played with our niece and nephew, ate lots of good food, visited our regular spots, and even got to hang out with the hubs' cool cousin who is hard at work realizing a hopeful dream of her own after purchasing an abandoned house downtown, gutting it, and completely building it back up and restoring its beauty. This chick is awesome.

And fall is here! Oddly, it's warmer here than it was in DC when we left, but the leaves are starting to turn yellow, and it just feels like autumn. Oh, Michigan, I think I love you more and more with each visit.

reading : Native Son, which is now officially overdue at the library. Sorry, DC Public Library! We'll resolve this little matter later this week. Only 100 more pages to go! 

writing :  Not much beyond this post, which is actually making me feel a little guilty. I haven't been posting very often here, despite having lots of experiences to share here on The Quixotic Chica. I've been having one of those "I'm having lots of fun living life and have no time to blog" sort of dilemmas. Maybe tomorrow I'll be able to sit down and organize my thoughts...

listening : To the sounds of my in-laws bustling around downstairs. Voices, chairs scraping back, footsteps. My mother-in-law is hosting a concert at the house later this afternoon, so everyone is busy with preparation!

thinking :   About home and the many different ways one can create one. The hubs and I went exploring around an abandoned house down the street yesterday, a real beauty that is just calling out for a family to fill it with love. If only we had an extra $150,000 lying around and a life plan...

smelling :   The minty scent of shampoo lingering in my hair. I like trying out different products when we travel, even if it's just to one of our parents' houses, and I'm enjoying the bath products that are stocked in our bathroom here.

wishing :   For my daydreams to be realities. So many dreams and hopes are swirling around my mind, and as fun as it is to lose myself in my imagination every now and again, I would love some of these things to become tangible. 

hoping :   That today is enjoyable and that we get to spend some more time outside. It's a warm day, but it definitely is starting to look like autumn here in Michigan!

wearing :  Jeans and a striped top, perfect for our casual Sunday. 

loving :  That the hubs' childhood home feels so familiar and homey to me, too. We only get out here once or twice a year, but I think we have reached the point where I know the groove of the armchair, the creak of the step, and all of those wonderful minutiae that make a home a home.

wanting :  Some more cider mill donuts from Eastern Market. Those treats are goooooood. 

needing :   To finish getting ready for the day, but my writing nook on the bed is just so comfy. Just one more minute... 

feeling :   Comfortable and at ease. Sometimes I get stressed when we go away for the weekend because I don't truly get the chance to rest and relax before returning to work, but so far things are feeling really good.

clicking :   On not too many things today, what with all of the living life away from the laptop. But I'm sure that I'll be Instagramming throughout the day and will surely take a look at what others are up to on this Sunday!

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