October 6, 2013

Sunday Currently : 39

This day last year couldn't have been more different. It was cool and gray in New York's Mid-Hudson Valley, and I was wearing my favorite college sweatshirt over the pink tank top I had chosen, one that I could easily take off without ruining my fancy updo. My closest friends were in a constant huddle around me, and even though I was a total stresscase about the possibility of rain, I was actually having a great morning. I was just a few hours away from getting married. Bring on the champagne!

Now, I'm sitting at our kitchen table in our home in DC, and it's so warm outside that it feels like the end of summer, not the beginning of fall. There are no crowds of friends and family, and our day will be spent quietly together. It will be simple and casual, and the closest we will get to our tuxedo and gown will be the photos in our wedding album. There will still be champagne, though. There should always be champagne.

Happy first wedding anniversary, hubs! Had enough? :)

 reading : Native Son, which I swear is really good, but for some reason I am incapable of finishing it. I've taken such a long time that the library won't let me renew it again, so I think that I'll have to return it this week and then check it right out again after it's shelved.

writing :  A Halloween card for our nephew. The hubs and I went on a massive Target shopping spree yesterday, and one of my impulse buys was a card and pumpkin stickers for the little guy. I think he'll like them!

listening : To crickets and summertime insect chirps. Isn't it October?

thinking :   About the past year. Time flies by so quickly, yet it's hard to believe that 365 days have actually passed since the hubs and I were married. I think I'm going to be goofy with wedding nostalgia all day today. :)

smelling :   The spiced chestnut lotion that we keep by the kitchen sink. I know that it has more of a wintery scent, but it helps me pretend like it's not creeping up to 90 degrees outside.

wishing :   For a nice day today. We don't have firm plans for the day other than brunch at Lincoln (nothing says "love" like brunch at a restaurant devoted to my favorite President), but I'm hoping to do some walking around afterwards. Comfortable breezes to combat the weird heat?

hoping :   For another great year of marriage. Being married to this guy is so much fun!

wearing :   Shorts, a white tank, and my wedding earrings. :)

loving :  The hubs! :D

wanting :   The hubs to get home from his soccer game so that we can read our wedding day cards to one another. We had written each other letters to be read the morning of our wedding, but things ended up being too busy, and neither one of us had the chance to actually read our letter! We decided to save them for our anniversary.... and I'm dying to know what the hubs wrote me! We need to prepare for the waterworks, folks. I'm a crier. 

needing :  Nothing in particular right now. I'm feeling pretty content.

feeling :   Like a goofy newlywed all over again, which amounts to a lot of love, happiness, and laughter. 

clicking :   On some catch-up blog reading until the hubs get home. I did a little better last week with staying caught up, but this is going to be an ongoing goal. 

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