September 22, 2013

Sunday Currently : 37

reading : Driving directions and history tidbits about Lancaster County. It's fun to learn about a new place!

writing :  Not a whole lot. I'll probably do some writing when we get back to DC this evening, but otherwise it's just this post, and then on to more adventuring!

listening : To the clinks and sounds of our cute B&B. We heard the horsedrawn buggies on the street earlier this morning, which is such a typical Lancaster sound. 

thinking :   About my summer camp years spent here in Lancaster and how life-changing it was for me at that time in my life. Lancaster might not have a lot of bells and whistles, but it holds so much meaning for me, and I am so grateful for that.

smelling :    The faint citrusy scent of the homemade soap our hosts provided in our room. We have encountered a lot of homemade soaps here, and the scents are so strong and fresh. Mmmm.

wishing :    For more getaways in our future. Living in DC, we have so many easy getaways around us in every direction, and it would be nice to do more of this.

hoping :   That I find my lost sunglasses and sunglasses case. I thought that I left them in our B&B room, but now they are nowhere to be found. I sense a trip to Target in my near future....

wearing :   Jeans, Chucks, and a green-and-blue plaid shirt. I'm ready for the countryside!

loving :  That the hubs, who is on the phone checking in with his mom, just described my outfit from last night as, "She looked like she belonged in a J.Crew catalog." Oh, hubs, you really do know the way to my heart.

wanting :   Nice crisp weather for our walk around the F&M camps this morning. Also wanting to recognize spots around campus from my camp days.

needing :   To zip up our suitcase and get moving!

feeling :   Happy about our weekend! As much as I love the city, I do love the quiet and openness of the countryside. I'm excited to share parts of it here soon. :)

clicking :    "Publish," and then that's it for today. :)

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