September 24, 2013

Project DC: Old Town, Part 2

Old Town Alexandria is cute. There is just no denying it. But as the hubs and I looped through the colonial streets, the sun started to set, and we found ourselves in golden hour. Suddenly, the streets seemed a bit more still, and everything pulsed with a soft, warm glow.

Eventually, we made our way to the waterfront, passing by the seafood restaurants and dining crowds. It was a bit congested, but still a pleasant way to end the day. There's something wholly soothing about looking out at the water in the dimming light. Even with the throngs of people everywhere, it was nice to watch the ducks splashing around and enjoy the warm, end-of-summer air.

Is Old Town a must-see? I think so. I'm glad that we went and walked around at our leisure, and I am especially relieved that for the most part, we avoided tourists crowds. It's a cute little place to spend a few hours, and it's nice to escape the hustle and bustle of the city every now and again. I think that was the magic of Old Town-- the fact that it seemed very content to exist on its own and could carry its own history. And the sunsets aren't too bad, either.

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A Compass Rose


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