April 11, 2013

Project DC: Rock & Roll Hotel

The H Street Corridor is one of those "in transition" DC neighborhoods that makes me a little nervous sometimes. Apparently, if you walked down H Street ten years ago, you would have gotten stabbed. Today, you might get mugged. Or you might not. Probably not. But you could. 

Even in just the five years that I've lived here, the neighborhood has gone through a great deal of change. Some stretches are pretty gritty, and abandoned buildings line part of the sidewalk. Once you get through that area, though, you enter a stretch of bars and restaurants that are home to some pretty rowdy nightlife. It's a fun place to go out in for some beers and music, and there is supposedly a trolley line that will be built someday soonish to more easily transport folks down the corridor.

The Rock & Roll Hotel is a place I had wanted to check out for a while. It's not an actual hotel but rather a music venue. The hubs had been there a couple of times, but I had never been before. When my friend's band, Savoir Adore, announced their tour dates with the Rock & Roll Hotel being their first stop, I knew that I would finally get my chance!

Savoir Adore takes the stage!
Alex doing guitarist things

Even though I was still feeling under the weather when we trekked out for the show, I had a great time while I was there. Savoir Adore is a fun, "fantasy pop," indie group, and they are just the nicest people ever! Their song "Dreamers" is one of those songs that instantly lifts my mood and makes me want to dance around the kitchen. Everyone needs one of those!

Rock star!
The lovely Deidre in her magical glow
We stayed in the downstairs bar for the show, but there is also a midlevel area and a rooftop bar. Given my love for rooftop bars, I could definitely see myself going back there to check out more of the venue.   All in all, despite being sick, this was a fun place to go for a show. Our H Street adventure went off without a hitch, and nobody was mugged or stabbed. If that's not a success, then what is? :D

Have you stepped outside of your comfort zone to see a band you love or have any venues you especially like to go to for shows? Let me know!


Want to read more about having fun in DC? Follow along as I embark on Project DC:

2. Go for a leisurely hike in Rock Creek Park.
3. Go on a White House tour.
5. Visit Old Town on a day trip.
6. Take a day trip to Annapolis.
7. Go to the Newseum.
8. Go back to Jazz in the Garden when it starts up again in the spring.
9. Go to the Holocaust Museum.
11. See the FDR Memorial.
13. Go to the National Portrait Gallery.
14. Go to the Corcoran.
15. Visit the Vietnam Memorial.
17. Go to more embassy events.
18. See a show at Rock & Roll Hotel.
19. See the drum circle at Malcolm X Park.
20. Mini golf at H Street Country Club.
21. Evening drinks at POV.
22. Visit the National Archives.
23. See a Washington Ballet performance.
24. Walk through the National Arboretum.

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