April 26, 2013

Friday Gratitude

I'm grateful for my kind husband. He meets me at the bus stop when I'm nervous about walking home too late in the dark, he brings me Snickers ice cream bars, and he listens to me when I'm having a bad day-- or a good day, for that matter! The hubs makes life a bit easier and a lot more fun.

I'm grateful for quiet walks in the sun and the tulips that line the paths. Spring reminds me of how exciting it is to see our surroundings come back to life, and whenever I take the time to slow down and watch it happening, I feel so much more calm and at peace. 

I'm grateful for warm blankets. This week has involved a lot of curling up on the couch underneath a pile of blankets and pillows. Even when life gets a little bumpy, those blankets provide comfort. They let me ride out the moment, and I appreciate that. 

Thank you.

What are you grateful for this week?

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