April 15, 2013

Home Team

You know that feeling of excitement you get when the sun finally shines bright and high in the sky, and at last your weekend is filled with fun activities that bring you outdoors after so many weeks shut inside? That's what happened last weekend. It was our first full weekend of gorgeous weather, and the hubs and I threw ourselves into it full force. Some of our choice for last weekend? Baseball and soccer.

One of my jobs gave us tickets to the Nats game against the Braves, so on Saturday afternoon we headed down to Navy Yard for an afternoon of baseball. It was my first game of the season, and I definitely want to go back for more. It's easy to get there, and the stadium is so nice! I wouldn't mind if their beers were larger or less expensive (or both!), but all in all, it's a great place to kick back for the afternoon and cheer on the home team. 

Unfortunately, our pasty skin was not quite prepared to be out in such bright sunshine, and we both ended up with some pink arms as a result. Oops! Next time we will definitely remember to put on our sunscreen!

We easily could have called it a day after the Nats game, and it still would have been a great afternoon. But no! It was also College Night at DC United, and since the hubs and I have student e-mail addresses, we were basically morally obligated to go for the discounted ticket prices. Obviously.

I love the atmosphere at baseball games, but soccer games are where I really have the most fun. We tailgated beforehand and cooked up tasty kebabs and burgers to fill our bellies before heading up to the match. Yum! 

When we got to the seats, I quickly realized that this was not going to be an ordinary game. Why? Well, there was a fish in the row ahead of us. Yes. A dead, dessicated fish under one of the seats. It was kind of gross, but mostly it was just weird!! Naturally, since I can be kind of a weirdo sometimes, I was obsessed with finding out more about the fish. How did it get there? Who put it there? Was it meant to send a message? Most of all, why??? I never got my answers, but it turned out that our fish was not the only one. A group nearby told us that there was another one in the section behind us. Naturally, I ran over to snap a photo before finally, at the end of the match, maintenance came to take the fish away. Farewell, fishies.


We ended up losing the match to the New York Red Bulls, though to be honest, I was so distracted by the fish fiasco that I wasn't paying much attention. Next time I will be much more present and cheer extra loud! :D

In an odd way, the sunburn and the fish were part of what made that day so much fun. It was carefree and silly, and we laughed all day long. It didn't matter that our teams lost, though it would have been nice to walk away with a couple of wins for DC. We were with friends, we were out in the sun, and everything felt like it would be okay. That's the magic of this time of year. It feels as though everything is starting, and there is so much excitement for what lies ahead. I love that feeling. I love my teams.

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