April 7, 2013

Sunday Currently : 14

My brain is so exhausted, I literally just stared at this screen for several minutes before being able to process how to begin this post. I really just want to crawl into bed and take a nap, but I can't. Oh, I really really can't.

This weekend was moving weekend. Unfortunately, I've also been sick all week, so every free moment was spent either feeling miserable surrounded by tissues and/or packing up our apartment. I am so thankful that the hubs and I have generous friends who gave us their afternoon yesterday to move all of our belongings across town because I have no idea how we would have managed otherwise. It was nice to hang out afterwards with everyone as we munched on spinach pizza and worked our way through growlers of chocolate stout and IPA from a nearby brewery, but when the last friend left, that overwhelmed feeling returned.

We have so much to unpack. I am still battling this lingering cold, and everything just seems so hard when I'm not at my full energy. I feel disappointed in being such a blogging slacker lately, especially because I suspect this week will also be a bit light on the posts. But the reality is that our new internet connection is spotty, and it will probably take another day or two to sort that out. I know that soon enough, our new house will be warm and cozy, but to get there we need to put in the work.

But enough about my moving woes. It's Sunday, and that means the Sunday Currently. Onward and upwards!

My current lovely, crowded workspace

reading :  Beautiful Redemption. I zipped through Beautiful Chaos and really liked it! I'm not liking this final book as much, but I think that might be partly due to the fact that I've generally been feeling stressed lately. I plan to save the second half for a quiet afternoon and a cup of tea when I can properly enjoy all of those things. 

writing :  This post! Unfortunately, I haven't been writing too much else, but I have a new Project DC post to put up this week if our internet sticks around. 

listening :  To the hubs sanding the kitchen wall and the cat scratching at the floor around her food dish. Our new neighborhood is really quiet, and I'm having some trouble adjusting! I admit I miss the sound of crowds walking outside our building and honking horns. This is peaceful, though. I'll get used to it. 

thinking :  About how much there is to do! My mother-in-law is popping into town tomorrow, so we need to get things straightened up enough so that she doesn't have to crawl over boxes to walk between rooms. 

smelling :  Nothing. :( Congestion, you can really be a downer. 

wishing :  For good results today with our painting project and unpacking adventures. I really want to feel more settled!

hoping :  That I feel better tomorrow and that my new commute to work isn't too hard to figure out. 

wearing : Mint skinnies from J. Crew Factory, an old college t-shirt, and a violet cardigan form J. Crew Factory (several years old). Wearing bright colors puts me in a better mood, and it's so beautiful outside today that I wanted to celebrate with some brights. :)

loving :  The hubs so so much. He worked so hard with the move yesterday, and he is really such a kind person. He's been working hard to get the house together and has been picking up some major slack on my end since I've felt so crappy this past week. Through it all, he's been such a good sport about it. Thanks, husband!

wanting :  A clean house!

needing :  A good night's sleep. Preferably absent of any coughing fits. 

feeling :  Tired and sneezy. I haven't found any cold or allergy medicines that have helped me for this round of sickness. Even my trusty DayQuil has failed me! 

clicking : On not too much today. I'm terribly behind in blog-reading and commenting, but until we get more of our things unpacked, I'm afraid I will have delay those things for a while longer. I'll get caught up eventually!

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