April 2, 2013

Strolling Through Brooklyn Heights

When my sister announced a couple of years ago that she was moving to Brooklyn, I thought the world had ended. Why would anyone choose to leave the wonder of Manhattan? The noise, the energy, the proximity to amazing museums and restaurants-- how could anyone give that up? Brooklyn, in my opinion, might as well have been Siberia.

Of course, I have since some to my senses. Brooklyn is hardly Siberia. In fact, it's pretty awesome! It's quieter than Columbus Avenue, but it still has its own energy. As it turns out, it's also pretty darn charming. Last week, while visiting family, I went for a nice walk around Brooklyn Heights and admired the quaint carriage houses and pretty doorways. It was a bit overcast and actually started to rain a little bit as I walked around, but I didn't mind. You know that smell of hot pavement and earth when the rain starts to fall? That's what it smelled like. I love that!

Wouldn't you like to live in a cute carriage house like this?
I love the dark wood entryway.

I love the look of the torchlamp against the old stonework.

Hello, spring!

Pretty window box

Sometimes you just need a quiet walk around the neighborhood to feel at peace. This little stroll definitely reminded me that beauty is all around, if only we pause to see it.

What hidden treasures are in your neck of the woods?

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