March 31, 2013

Sunday Currently : 13

You guys. It's official. Spring is here! I've been up in New York the past few days with my family, taking advantage of a couple of days off for Easter. I was worried that I would be in for a very cold weekend up in the North, but as it turned out, we've had beautifully warm, sunny days! I had a nice afternoon walking around in Brooklyn, and this weekend my mom and I did some Very Serious Shopping that involved mint skinnies, flirty Kate Spade dresses, and coral blouses. Success! On top of it all, I got a fresh new hair-cut, and I'm feeling ready to conquer spring. Here I come, world!

I also have some exciting news that has had me bouncing off the walls for the past couple of weeks... the hubs and I are moving.... to a house!! Our lovely one-bedroom apartment has been home for over three years, but our rent just went up and has become too much to keep up with. In a stroke of luck, our friend has a house in DC that he rents out, and we are the happy new tenants. It's a two-bedroom, has a front and back yard, and it's way less expensive than our apartment. I'm over the moon! I'm excited to plant a garden and learn all of the ins and outs of house-living, but it also means that this week will be hectic as we pack everything up and make the big move next weekend. I'm excited to share my discoveries on this blog and to attempt some big projects as we make this house our home. 

Now, without further ado... the Sunday Currently!

reading :  Beautiful Chaos. I followed through on my goal to finish A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man and even finished Beautiful Darkness. My verdict: I didn't really love Portrait of the Artist, but I did like Beautiful Darkness. I thought it was suspenseful, and it kept me wondering what was going to happen to Lena. I have a few theories about where things go in Beautiful Chaos, but I'm trying to savor it so that I have reading material for my bus ride tomorrow! Oooh, I love reading!

writing :  Lots of gardening ideas for the new house. My latest idea: Massive sunflower garden along our back fence so that we don't have to look at our neighbor's trashcans. I'd also like some privacy, so I've been generating ideas for how to accomplish all of this without too much effort.

listening :  To my parents' pet bird chirping and conversing with the birds outside. 

thinking :  About decoration ideas. Paint colors, furniture fantasies, and garden plans are racing through my mind. First, though, I should probably focus on setting aside time this week to pack up our apartment...

smelling :  The beautiful hyacinth in the living room. My mom already had some out in a vase, and my grandmother brought some more over when she came for dinner on Friday, so now this house just smells amazing. Note to self: Get some hyacinth for the new house. 

wishing :  For some magical money to appear so that my furniture fantasies can become furniture realities. In the meantime, wine crate furniture will have to do. :)

hoping :  That I don't have a cold. I'm very congested today and feel a bit achey, and I'm not sure if Long Island has kicked up some dormant allergies or if my immune system is reminding me that I cannot escape the wrath of the common cold. Fingers crossed for the former.

wearing : Blue Winnies, a striped top, and a cardigan for Easter brunch. 

loving :  The hubs for being so kind and resourceful this weekend as he painted our new living room and scored some beautiful antique chairs for our new kitchen. Also loving family in general, as this trip has reminded me how fortunate I am to have grown up in a family with so much love. :) 

wanting :  To have all the cats in my life participate in one big cuddle-fest! Is that weird? I don't care. I've been playing with my parents' two cats and my sister's cat, and I love them all! Animals are so wonderful, and something as simple as a gentle stroke on the head can generate so much affection from them. They make life a bit better. 

needing :  Good health. This is generally a good thing to have, but this week in particular has so much packed into it, and I'd like to be at my full strength to get through it all. Packing and moving across town with a cold? That doesn't sound so great. Health, please!

feeling :  A bit tired and congested. I think that a post-brunch nap is in the cards for me. Claritin, now would be a good time to kick in. 

clicking : On this bag by Kelly Moore. My mom and I were debating yesterday whether to get a fun, floral Kate Spade bag that could double as a camera bag, but we ultimately decided to let it go. This Kelly Moore bag is bright and cute and is an actual camera bag, and I think I might splurge and get it for upcoming travel adventures. Any other cute bag recommendations?

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