March 29, 2013

Friday's Letters

Today I'm joining a new link-up! If there are other fun ones that people enjoy doing, let me know. I really like these, and it's nice to explore new blogs and meet new people by doing them. Here we go!

Dear NYC, Even when you're rainy, I love you. I love your scent, I love your noise, and I love your sense of being home. Thank you for being you. Dear Hair Stylist, I'm trusting you with my hair this morning. I need a new haircut, so please work some magic. At the very least, don't make me bald. Dear Kitty Cats, I love visiting you. You are so playful, and I love the way that Lily jumped up on my stomach last night, walked in a circle, and flopped down to take a nap. You are so precious! Dear J. Crew Customer Service You rock for agreeing to cover the cost of getting my winter coat lining fixed after it started ripping like crazy. I appreciate good business practices like that, and it's nice to know that decency exists. Dear Hubs, Please purchase the right kind of paint for our walls. And please please please do a good job painting! I am terribly anxious about not being able to participate in the painting extravaganza and want everything to go well. I know you are capable, and I trust. But I'm still nervous. :) Dear Universe, You made this week rather stressful and terrible at times, but I'm starting to feel back on track. Thanks for bringing back feelings of peace and calm into my life.


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