March 10, 2013

Sunday Currently : 10

We are headed back to DC today after a lovely past few days in Maine. Yesterday involved a lot of driving around between Portland and Bangor, visiting the LL Bean flagship store, meandering through tiny cobblestone streets, and proclaiming my love for salty seaports. As I wrote about on Friday, I enjoyed finding quiet moments in the snow, sometimes in unexpected places. It's been a very fun trip, and I can't wait for our next visit here! Be on the lookout for more Maine adventures on the blog later this week. :)

reading : Beautiful Darkness! The DC library system ordered about twenty more copies, so I was able to get mine just before we left for Maine. I'm putting A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man to the side for now, and I am having a lot more fun with my new book!

writing : This post, as well as some photo-heavy posts about Maine for later this week. It will be so nice to relive our time here through these photos, and I'm already envisioning how beautiful it will be up here over the summertime if we come up for another visit. New England has my heart. 

listening :  To airport chitchat of others at our gate. The Bangor airport is tiny, and since our plane is also tiny, it's pretty quiet here right now. Our gate in DC was overwhelmingly chaotic and loud, so this is a nice and very welcome change. 

thinking :  That I don't want to go back to work tomorrow. Our Spring Break last week felt great, but I would like just one more day at home to settle back in.

smelling :  My Jo Malone orange blossom perfume. Even when it's chilly outside it reminds me of springtime. 

wishing : For a weather-beaten New England colonial or a toasty little cottage in northern Michigan... snow is not optional. I've been having lots of house fantasies this past week, and I'm crossing my fingers that some of my dream homes can become a reality at some point in our lives. Even if it's just doing Airbnb. :)

hoping :  That the hubs gets over his cold soon! He was hit hard and suddenly on Friday, so hopefully he'll feel better when we get back home. I'm also hoping that I am spared...

wearing :  My black Minnies (seriously, if you don't have a pair, you need to get them!), my new chambray from J. Crew Factory, and a new-to-me gray cable knit cashmere scarf that my brother-in-law gave me this weekend when I said that I liked it on him. Win!

loving : Maine, snow, New England, and family. Life is really good. :)

wanting : To see friends and family in NYC. I've been trying to pick a good weekend to go up, but it's been harder than anticipated! Hopefully this will happen sometime in March before things get too crazy at the end of the school year. New York, you beckon me. 

needing :  To pay attention to our boarding call. Don't leave without me! As much as I love Maine, I have a kooky cat waiting for me at home!

feeling :  Slightly frazzled from rushing through the airport. We board in a few minutes, and since the pace of life up here is much slower than DC, I started to get frustrated with how slow airport security was moving. Argh!! I need to remember to take deep breaths and tell myself that getting annoyed with somebody's languid pace is unfair to them and that I need to chill. Ommm.

clicking :  On lots of blogs. I haven't been keeping up with my internet reading the past few days, and posts are piling up. The Fresh Exchange is activating all sorts of yearning for Michigan, as is Tina's song post from last week, which is actually pretty amusing to me since when the hubs and I first started dating, I had no interest in the mitten-shaped state whatsoever. As often happens over time, when he won me over, I found place in my heart for Michigan, too. Don't you love it when you find a new blog to swoon over?