March 6, 2013

Bursts of Colorful Spring

As I write this, it's snowing outside, but yesterday was one of those beautiful days where spring is rustling around you, and you wear your winter coat with the buttons unbuttoned, and you wish you had  your sunglasses with you. It was one of those days where you think that maybe, just maybe, this is the last day you will wear your winter coat.

We had a fun day yesterday. The hubs and I did some exploring in Northeast DC, an area of the city that I know very little about. The purpose of our journey was to check out Fort Totten, but since that area is mainly residential with not much going on, we ended up hopping up one metro stop to Takoma.

Ah, Takoma.

This neighborhood has some major cuteness. We passed an intriguing antiques store that sadly was not open, an alluring shop with Turkish jewelry and scarves, and a promising bistro. We strolled down the street, excitedly pointing out our new surroundings, saying things like, "Oh, my dad would love that," and "What a pretty library!" It gave us such a good feeling, and even though the hustle and bustle of the city seemed worlds away, I felt okay with that. The colors popped out at me, and they made me believe that spring was here.