March 13, 2013

The Maine Details

Our trip to Maine last week was only about three days long, but it was such a great experience that I'm not quite ready to let it go. As I was sorting through all of my photos, I realized that I had taken a lot of strange ones of random little details. On Monday I showed you the snow and sky, and today I am going to share the little details that made me laugh and smile.

On the way to Waterville from Bangor, the hubs and I had lunch at a funny little restaurant called The Last Unicorn.  I was a big fan of the unicorn drawn on the chalkboard. :)
We found an amazing, sprawling antique store in Skowhegan that is home to so many glorious treasures that I wish we could have brought home with us. I swooned over the book room and all of the gorgeous cloth-bound books on its shelves.
Also in the antique shop was a stack of old Coca Cola bottles. I love the fading wooden crates they were in.
This sticker from Italy was on an old suitcase covered in travel stickers. Oh, the places it must have been!
My mother has a collection of blue glass, and this window reminded me of her. :) 
We stopped for some treats at a bakery that used to be a bank, and I loved the old safety deposit boxes and vaults that decorated the place. 
Hello, bird friend! 
Wouldn't this be a sweet place to sit under a tree?
The glistening chandelier in the lobby of our eccentric hotel in Bangor.

Oh, Maine, how fun you were! I have just a couple more Maine posts left in me, and then it's on to new adventures and daydreams. Isn't it so special when you find a place with so much joy attached to it? I'm excited to return one day, but I'm also excited for what new places await me. This trip reminded me that  the details, whether they are part of somewhere entirely new or somewhere well-trodden, can bring so much intrigue and happiness. We must not overlook the small pieces and moments in life. Who knows what we will find?

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